XBRL management application

closed 9/24/2014 via Market Watch

Equity Administration Solutions, acquired Rivet Software, Inc.

synopsis: Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Rivet Software, a leading provider of financial filing and reporting systems that improve the way companies create, distribute and consume financial information. Rivet's technology enables financial transparency and leverages global standards in XBRL.
buyer: Equity Administration Solutions
EASi is the number one SaaS stock plan software provider to both public and private companies. As pioneers in automation and cloud services for the stock plan accounting, management and reporting industry, they developed an intuitive solution and a flexible broker ecosystem. "
target: Rivet Software, Inc.
Rivet provides a suite of products that help complex organizations understand, track, and project business and financial operations in a dependable and timely manner.
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XBRL management application

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Rivet Software, Inc.

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