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closed 8/24/2016 via BNC Analysis

LDC Limited, acquired ByBox Engineering

synopsis: LDC has backed the management buyout of ByBox, an operator of secured lockers. ByBox provides technology-enabled lockers which allow parts to be delivered to engineers in the energy, telecoms and technology sectors. The company’s proprietary software, Thinventory, connects ByBox’s network of smart boxes in nearly 900 locations.
buyer parent: Lloyds Banking Group
buyer: LDC Limited
Established in 1981 LDC is a leading player in the private equity mid-market and is able to provide up to £100m of funds for buyouts and development capital transactions in UK unquoted companies. "
target: ByBox Engineering
Headquartered in Harwell, Oxfordshire, ByBox provides technology-enabled locker-based solutions to help more than 250 blue chip clients, including BT, Fujitsu, Npower, Marks & Spencer, Walmart and Vodafone to manage their engineering parts inventory and solve difficult supply chain problems.
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tech enabled AEC industry interactive kiosk

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