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closed 2/6/2008 via PR Newswire

Cultivate Systems, purchased the Wine Business Engine from Six88 Solutions

synopsis: Eric Binau, CEO of Cultivate Systems, announced the purchase of a competing product, the Wine Business Engine, from its parent company, Six88 Solutions. The Wine Business Engine was amongst the first web-based ecommerce solutions to cater to prestigious wineries in California.
buyer: Cultivate Systems
Cultivate Systems is the premier on-demand technology provider used by wineries to address the unique business challenges faced by artisan producers. Wineries choose Cultivate to manage release periods, ecommerce and offline orders, allocations, personal product offerings, and wine club shipments. "
seller: Six88 Solutions
Founded in 2000, Six88 Solutions develops software solutions for complex business problems in the wine industry. Six88 created ShipCompliant to meet an alcohol shipper's need for integrated shipping compliance checking.
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vintner enterprise resource planning

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