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closed 12/20/2018 via PR Newswire

Capp & Co. Limited, acquired Koru

synopsis: Capp & Co., a leader in strength-based talent assessment, announces that it has completed its acquisition of Koru Careers, Inc.'s predictive hiring business. With Koru's assessment of the Koru7™ Impact Skills and its predictive hiring platform, Capp is now able to assess a wider range of work-related strengths and predict the fit of job applicants.
buyer: Capp & Co. Limited
Capp & Co. designs new and better ways of assessing people. At the heart of their product offering is their 'Strengths' methodology' developed by their CEO Alex Linley, an expert in the field of Positive Psychology. Capp works with clients across the entire candidate and employee life cycle. "
target: Koru
Koru is the leader in predictive hiring based on what really drives performance. Based on the Koru7™Impact Skills and using its predictive hiring platform, Koru identifies the predictors of performance and develops models to assess fit of applicants in jobs.
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