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closed 9/27/2023 via Company Press Release

Belden Inc., acquired CloudRail

synopsis: Belden, a manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products, has acquired CloudRail, a provider of industrial IoT solutions in Germany. CloudRail provides a fully managed solution that can connect industrial assets to cloud platforms within hours. Their platform allows businesses to roll-out, manage, and update thousands of edge devices.
buyer: Belden Inc. (BDC:$2,606.49)
Belden is a manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products. Belden delivers comprehensive products designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial and enterprise markets. They provide high-quality solutions for the transmission of data, audio and video."
target: CloudRail
CloudRail is a provider of industrial IoT solutions in Germany. CloudRail provides a fully managed solution that can connect industrial assets to cloud platforms within hours. Their device management solution allows businesses to securely roll-out, manage, and update thousands of edge devices.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 9/27/2023 via PR Newswire

Arlington Capital Partners, will acquire Exostar

synopsis: Arlington Capital Partners will acquire Exostar, LLC, a leader in trusted, secure business collaboration in highly regulated industries including aerospace and defense, healthcare and life sciences, from Thoma Bravo. The Exostar Platform accelerates the digital transformation initiatives of nearly 200,000 companies worldwide.
closed 9/27/2023 via BusinessWire

Cytel Inc., acquired Co.Faktor Gmbh

synopsis: Cytel Inc., provider of quantitative insights and health data analytics to leaders in the life sciences, has acquired the Berlin-based company co.faktor GmbH with its dedicated healthcare consultancy services co.value® (market access), co.medical® (medical communications), and co.patient® (patient relations) concentrations.
closed 9/27/2023 via BusinessWire

SPS Commerce, Inc., acquired The Order Exchange

synopsis: SPS Commerce has acquired The Order Exchange, an expert in EDI system automation. They offer a configurable middleware application that enables suppliers to link their line of business applications such as accounting systems, Warehouse Management Systems, and 3PLs directly into major retailers' supply chains.
closed 9/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Florence Healthcare, acquired VersaTrial

synopsis: Florence Healthcare has acquired VersaTrial, a cutting-edge clinical trial solutions provider. VersaTrial's site engagement platform provides Sponsors and CROs with real-time operational insights, bi-directional communication, and access management alerts to ensure measurable site oversight and quality execution.
announced 9/27/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Genasys, Inc., will acquire Evertel

synopsis: Genasys, the global leader in protective communications systems and solutions, will acquire Evertel, a cross-agency collaboration platform for public safety. Evertel enables first responders to share critical intelligence instantly from any device. Their platform gives users the power to discuss details and coordinate their response in real-time.
closed 9/27/2023 via Company Press Release

Datavant, Inc., acquired Healthjump, Inc.

synopsis: Datavant, the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data, has acquired Healthjump, the leader in health data exchange for value-based care organizations. Together, Datavant and Healthjump will dramatically accelerate the process of controlled, compliant clinical data exchange for healthcare organizations across the country.
closed 9/27/2023 via PR Newswire

Titan Cloud Software, acquired Leighton O'Brien

synopsis: Titan Cloud, a leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform, announced its acquisition of Leighton O'Brien. Leighton O'Brien has 28 years' experience providing fuel software analytics and field technologies to petroleum retail networks and commercial fuel users to monitor, test, clean and optimize their fuel system assets.
closed 9/27/2023 via Company Press Release

Advantive, acquired Proplanner

synopsis: Advantive, a mission-critical software provider for specialty manufacturing and distribution businesses, has acquired Proplanner, a leader in PLM solutions and manufacturing execution systems. Proplanner provides solutions for complex OEM product assembly operations, advanced planning & scheduling, material & logistics planning, and more.
closed 9/27/2023 via BusinessWire

Xsolla, acquired AcceleratXR, Inc.

synopsis: Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has acquired AcceleratXR, a provider of in-game server backend technology designed for live service games and software. The AcceleratXR platform and network engine offer robust scalability, supporting experiences across multiple platforms and devices.
closed 9/27/2023 via PR Newswire

Animaj SAS, acquired Pocoyo

synopsis: Animaj, a next-generation kids' media company, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the award-winning and iconic Spanish brand POCOYO. Through its educational content, memorable characters, and playful narratives, POCOYO has captivated several generations of kids and parents.
closed 9/26/2023 via BNC Analysis

ActionStep Software Ltd., acquired Soluno

synopsis: Actionstep, the global cloud practice management platform for midsize law firms, announced the acquisition of Toronto-based legal accounting software company Soluno, from professional services payments company AffiniPay.
closed 9/26/2023 via BusinessWire

APEX Analytix, Inc., acquired Darkbeam

synopsis: apexanalytix has acquired London-based Darkbeam, a leader in supplier cyber risk management. The acquisition of Darkbeam will provide enhanced capabilities to apexanalytix's clients, including the ability to sense and reduce risk to their critical operations caused by cyberattacks on the suppliers in the supply chain.
announced 9/26/2023 via BNC Analysis

VITEC Software Group, will acquire Codea Oy

synopsis: Vitec Software Group AB is to acquire Codea Oy, a company that develops and delivers mission critical online field management software for emergency vehicles. The products Codea Nasta, Codea Care and other related Codea products are central in both moving emergency vehicles and emergency operations management.
closed 9/25/2023 via PR Newswire

eDynamic Learning, acquired Thinking Media

synopsis: eDynamic Learning has acquired Thinking Media, the creator Learning Blade and Ready for Industry. Learning Blade introduces students in grades five through nine to STEM, Career and Technical Education, and computer science careers. Ready for Industry's platform provides learners with essential knowledge for the most in-demand industries.
closed 9/25/2023 via BusinessWire

StrataScale, acquired Vector0, Inc.

synopsis: Stratascale, an SHI company, announced the acquisition of Vector0, a cybersecurity solutions provider dedicated to helping organizations secure their digital landscapes through innovative technologies. Vector’s Attack Surface Management Platform offers a complete and proactive approach to identifying and mitigating security risks.
closed 9/25/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Computer Modelling Group, acquired Bluware

synopsis: Computer Modelling Group, a global provider of reservoir simulation technologies, has acquired Bluware, an oil and gas software company. Bluware uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve the most challenging objectives in the petrotechnical world. Their solutions enable users to efficiently move, store, and access subsurface data.
closed 9/25/2023 via

ROBLOX, acquired Speechly

synopsis: Roblox has acquired Speechly, a Finnish AI start-up specializing in voice moderation technology. Speechly provides accurate, real-time speech recognition and natural language understanding tools under one flexible API.
announced 9/24/2023 via BNC Analysis

Arealink Co., Ltd., will acquire Lifull Space Co., Ltd.

synopsis: Arealink, a provider of self storage solutions in Japan, will acquire Lifull Space from Lifull, a housing and real estate information listing service in Japan. Lifull Space is a Japanese website that helps people to find storage space and parking spaces for bikes. It provides information on storage facilities and parking spaces all across Japan.
closed 9/28/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Playtika Ltd., acquired Innplay Labs

synopsis: Playtika Holding Corp., an Israeli mobile games pioneer and interactive entertainment leader, has acquired Innplay Labs, a mobile gaming studio based in Israel. The acquisition represents an opportunity for Playtika to expand its presence in the Luck Battle genre.
announced 9/22/2023 via Company Press Release, Inc., will acquire Airkit

synopsis: Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, a creator of AI powered customer service applications and experiences. enables Fortune 500 and fast growing businesses to build flexible, omni-channel customer engagement applications, and AI-based customer service agents.
buyer:, Inc. (CRM:$26,492.00)
Salesforce is the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. Salesforce enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies to create a 360° view of their customers. "
target: Airkit
Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, is a generative AI customer service platform that provides fully customizable, autonomous AI agents built to answer 90%+ of customer questions instantly.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 9/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

Procore Technologies, acquired Unearth

synopsis: Unearth Technologies, a Seattle startup that develops mapping software for the construction industry, was acquired by Procore Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction.
closed 9/22/2023 via Company Press Release merged with Positive Group,

synopsis: Positive Group, a French digital marketing specialist, has acquired, a SaaS lead management solution in France. provides sales teams with the fastest and easiest way to manage leads. Their platform enables users to gather leads from multiple sources, ensure consistent follow-ups, and close more deals.
closed 9/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

The Mediapro Studio, acquired Cimarrón

synopsis: Madrid-based The Mediapro Studio, one of Europe’s biggest independent and international creation-production-distribution powerhouses, has acquired Cimarrón, the Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico-based production house and services company.
closed 9/21/2023 via BusinessWire

Bleecker Street Group, acquired Ripple

synopsis: Bleecker Street Group (BSG), a global software holding company, acquired Ripple, a leading integrated maritime software company. Ripple's platform provides Maritime Compliance, Maintenance, Crew Management solutions. Their software is tried and tested in the highly sophisticated and regulated markets of Tugboats, Towboats, Barges, OSVs and Ferries.
closed 9/21/2023 via BNC Analysis

Perfios Software Solutions Pvt., Ltd., acquired Fego

synopsis: Perfios, India’s largest SaaS-based B2B fintech software company, has acquired Fego, an open finance platform in India. Fego helps businesses to deliver better financial experiences. Their APIs enable companies to connect users’ financial accounts, enrich their customer experience and better understand the financial behaviour of their users.
closed 9/21/2023 via PR Newswire

Recast Software Inc, acquired Liquit B.V.

synopsis: Recast Software, a leader in endpoint management solutions, has acquired Liquit, a leader in application management in the Netherlands. Liquit provides end-users with clear and dynamic access to all of their applications and gives IT teams a fast, simple, and transparent way to manage and provision applications.
closed 9/21/2023 via Company Press Release

Valsoft Corp, acquired ICL Inc.

synopsis: Valsoft Corporation Inc., a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, has acquired ICL, a leading provider of solutions for transportation and logistics. ICL provides a wide range of software and consulting services to help manage the entire transportation process.
closed 9/21/2023 via BNC Analysis

Domotz, acquired GlassWire

synopsis: Domotz has acquired GlassWire, a renowned endpoint security and traffic monitoring software company. This move is a significant milestone in Domotz's mission to provide effortless network visibility and IT infrastructure monitoring and management through a centralized, user-friendly platform.
closed 9/21/2023 via GlobeNewswire

WatchGuard Technologies, acquired CyGlass

synopsis: WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader in unified cybersecurity, announced the acquisition of CyGlass Technology Services, a leading provider of Cloud and network-centric threat detection and response solutions that help organizations see risks, stop threats, and prove compliance.
announced 9/21/2023 via PR Newswire

Cisco Systems, Inc., will acquire Splunk Inc.

synopsis: Cisco, the worldwide technology leader, will acquire Splunk, a cybersecurity and observability leader. Splunk keeps businesses securely up and running. Their AI-powered unified security and observability platform provides data-driven insights that help prevent security, infrastructure and application issues from becoming major incidents.
closed 9/21/2023 via Company Press Release

Visma Advantage, acquired Quaderno

synopsis: Visma, a leading Norwegian provider of mission-critical cloud software, has acquired Quaderno, a SaaS tax management platform for global e-commerce. Based in Spain, Quaderno’s fully automated solution helps online businesses worldwide calculate the right tax rates based on input like customer location and the type of product or service sold.
closed 9/21/2023 via BusinessWire

InformedDNA, Inc., acquired gWell, Inc.

synopsis: InformedDNA, a company that’s revolutionizing the application of genomic insights, announced its acquisition of gWell Health, a digital health, genomics, and wellness company. The gWell platform is designed to create a personalized wellness plan for users based on DNA analysis, health history, and lifestyle.
closed 9/20/2023 via BusinessWire

Grossman Marketing Group, acquired Links Marketing Group

synopsis: Grossman Marketing Group, a nationally recognized, fourth-generation promotional products, printing, graphic design, e-commerce, and distribution company, announced the acquisition of Sarasota, Florida-based Links Marketing Group.
closed 9/20/2023 via GlobeNewswire

O2B Kids, acquired Bright Start Academy

synopsis: O2B Kids, a leader in the early childhood education industry, has acquired Bright Start Academy, a renowned preschool with multiple locations across St. Louis and Columbia, MO. This grows O2B’s footprint into their 5th state and a total of 57 operating preschools.
closed 9/20/2023 via Company Press Release

ICT Group N.V., acquired Incore Software B.V.

synopsis: ICT Group B.V. announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Incore Software B.V. Incore specializes in the development of business-critical logistics and supply chain software. They offer a SaaS application for efficient collaboration within the supply chain with a planning and workflow engine.
closed 9/20/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Aptean, acquired Apparel Business Systems, LLC

synopsis: Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, announced its acquisition of Apparel Business Systems, LLC (ABS), a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to fashion and apparel manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.
closed 9/20/2023 via BusinessWire

Hexure, acquired Vive Solutions, LLC

synopsis: Hexure, a provider of sales and regulatory automation solutions for the life and annuity industry, has acquired Vive, a quote and e-submission platform for life insurance, to create a single, best-in-class distribution platform for the life and annuity industries.
closed 9/20/2023 via PR Newswire

TalisPoint merged with Perspecta (Healthcare Tech),

synopsis: Perspecta, a leading provider of physician directories and provider data management solutions in workers' compensation, government and commercial healthcare, announced it has merged with TalisPoint, a San Francisco-based provider of workers' compensation directory and data management solutions.
closed 9/20/2023 via Company Press Release

Babbel, acquired Toucan

synopsis: Babbel, the world’s top-selling language learning platform, announces the acquisition of the Toucan browser extension. Toucan helps language learners to build and retain new vocabulary while browsing the web. Toucan's browser extension automatically translates certain words and phrases on the page into one of eleven languages.
closed 9/28/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Playtika Ltd., acquired Innplay Labs

synopsis: Playtika Holding Corp., an Israeli mobile games pioneer and interactive entertainment leader, has acquired Innplay Labs, a mobile gaming studio based in Israel. The acquisition represents an opportunity for Playtika to expand its presence in the Luck Battle genre.
buyer: Playtika Ltd. (PLTK:$2,615.50)
Playtika is a mobile gaming entertainment and technology market leader with a portfolio of multiple game titles. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, Playtika was among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and, shortly after, on mobile platforms. "
target: Innplay Labs
Innplay Labs is an Israeli-based mobile gaming studio. Founded in 2019, Innplay Labs is fueled by a passionate team of game developers and operators committed to crafting exceptional gaming experiences that transcend boundaries and capture the hearts of players worldwide.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 9/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Plan B Media, acquired Falcon Media

synopsis: Plan B Media, a leading out-of-home media service provider in Thailand, has acquired a 70% stake in Falcon Media, a provider of digital out-of-home advertising services in Singapore. Falcon Media offers large out-of-home media platforms to help businesses reach more consumers. The company operates over 70 digital billboards across Singapore.
announced 9/15/2023 via Company Press Release

Shure Incorporated, will acquire Wavetool

synopsis: Shure, a leading global manufacturer of audio solutions, has announced it will acquire Wavetool, an audio and listening application that provides critical, comprehensive monitoring for audio professionals. Wavetool is developed by Wavemark Oy, a leader in software products for theater, film, TV, broadcast, and content streaming applications.
closed 9/15/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Bitwave IO, acquired Gilded

synopsis: Bitwave, the leading provider of enterprise finance solutions for digital assets, has acquired Gilded, a crypto payments and reporting platform. Gilded empowers businesses to run on blockchain by streamlining the process of tracking and reporting all crypto activity within an organization and eliminating costly accounting mistakes.
closed 9/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Quartix, acquired Konetik

synopsis: Quartix, a global provider of vehicle tracking solutions, has acquired Konetik, a provider of electric vehicle management solutions in Germany. Konetik provides an automated AI driven vehicle and charging advisor. Their platform helps companies to find the most suitable electric vehicles for their fleet and plan their charging infrastructure.
closed 9/14/2023 via

Recharge International B.V., acquired Startselect B.V.

synopsis: Recharge, a global leader in online prepaid payments, has acquired Startselect, a European digital gift and gaming cards company. Startselect provides an easy and convenient way to buy digital games and gift cards. They offer game codes for all platforms and gift cards for gaming, shopping, food, travel, and more.
closed 9/14/2023 via BusinessWire

SynMax, acquired Gas Vista LLC

synopsis: SynMax, a pioneering geospatial intelligence company, has acquired Gas Vista, a premier maritime energy trade flow analytics & visualization company. Gas Vista's flagship product, Leviaton, accurately predicts cargo movements at sea, empowering stakeholders to anticipate changes in commodity markets, policy, and geopolitics with unmatched accuracy.
closed 9/14/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Bridger Aerospace, acquired Ignis Technologies Inc.

synopsis: Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings, Inc. has acquired Ignis Technologies Inc., a fire technology company delivering mission-critical intelligence and technology solutions to firefighting organizations. Ignis is developing a pioneering mobile and web platform that elevates firefighter situational awareness.
announced 9/14/2023 via GlobeNewswire

PFSweb, Inc. will be merged with GXO Logistics, Inc.,

synopsis: PFSweb, Inc., a premier eCommerce order fulfillment provider, will merge with GXO Logistics, Inc., the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider. The acquisition will enable PFSweb to benefit from GXO’s scale, industry-leading technology and significant capital resources.
announced 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Event Inc GmbH, will acquire Honest GmbH & Co. KG

synopsis: The Event Inc Group, Europe's largest platform for finding venues for corporate events, will acquire Honest GmbH & Co. KG, a full-service event company in Germany. Honest organizes events for businesses in various industries. They provide services for hybrid, virtual and on-site events.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release, purchased Hungarian online classifieds businesses from Adevinta ASA

synopsis: Adevinta ASA announces the closure of the sale of its Hungarian online classifieds businesses Jófogás, Használtautó.hu and Autónavigátor to, the leading real estate classifieds platform in Hungary. Jófogás provides services like door-to-door delivery. Használtautó.hu is a vehicle advertising site and Autónavigátor posts car reviews.
closed 9/14/2023 via BusinessWire

Origami Risk, acquired DAIS Technology

synopsis: Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, has acquired Dais Technology, a leading provider of no-code insurance technology. The acquisition expands Origami’s innovative suite of property and casualty insurance solutions for managing general agents (MGAs), insurers and reinsurers.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Efalia SAS, acquired Fluicity SAS

synopsis: Efalia, a French leader in documents and processes digitalization, has acquired Fluicity, a civic tech company in France. Fluicity provides a community engagement solution that encourages citizens to participate in government decision-making. Their platform features solutions for calls for proposals, surveys, voting, participatory mapping and more.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Qvest Group GmbH, acquired TeraVolt GmbH

synopsis: The Qvest Group has strengthened its service portfolio through the acquisition of TeraVolt. TeraVolt GmbH is an OTT developer and consultant from Hamburg that has established itself in the field of big screen applications, respectively Connected TV, and personalised live sports broadcasting.
announced 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Morgan Murphy Media, will purchase Michigan Stations from Marks Media Group

synopsis: Morgan Murphy Media said it is buying three TV stations and five radio stations in Michigan from Marks Media Group. The TV stations involved in the deal are WBKB Alpena, Mich.; WBUP Ishpeming/Marquette, Mich. and WBKP Calumet-Marquette, Mich.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Opay, acquired Finja

synopsis: OPay, a mobile financial services platform in Africa, will acquire Finja, a new age financial services platform in Pakistan. Finja uses AI and data-driven methods to deliver financial services to the underbanked segment of the nation. They provide payments, collections, credit, and loan services to professionals, merchants and SME businesses.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release

Bluewave Technology Group, acquired JIL Communications

synopsis: Bluewave Technology Group, a visionary and customer-centric technology advisory and sourcing company dedicated to fostering strategic growth, announced its successful acquisition of J.I.L. Communications, Inc “JIL), a highly regarded telecommunications advisory agency headquartered in Louisville, KY.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

DistroKid, acquired Bandzoogle

synopsis: Independent music distribution service DistroKid announced its acquisition of Bandzoogle, the website builder designed for musicians. Bandzoogle is the most effective platform for musicians to build their website and manage their direct-to-fan marketing and sales.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release

Fives Group, acquired Prosim SA

synopsis: Fives, an international leader in industrial engineering, strengthens its capabilities with the acquisition of ProSim, an expert in process simulation and optimization. ProSim allows industries to become more energy efficient and make the best use of available resources.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Whogohost Limited, acquired Sendchamp Inc.

synopsis: WhoGoHost, a Nigerian cloud infrastructure company, has acquired SendChamp, a cloud communications startup based in Lagos. The acquisition will see WhoGoHost transform from a provider of domains and hosting infrastructure to a diverse digital services platform focusing on online presence, communication, domains, and online commerce products.
closed 9/8/2023 via PE Hub

Bridgepoint, acquired Sinari Group

synopsis: Bridgepoint, a global private equity firm, has acquired a majority stake in the Sinari Group, a French leader in software solutions for the road haulage and logistics sector. Sinari provides simple and efficient software solutions for transport management, fleet management, warehouse management, route optimisation, garage management, and more.
buyer: Bridgepoint (:$390.93)
Bridgepoint is a global private equity firm. Bridgepoint specializes in private equity and private debt. With over €38bn of assets under management, they combine global scale with local market insight and sector expertise to consistently deliver strong returns through cycles. "
target: Sinari Group
The Sinari Group is a French leader in software solutions for the road haulage and logistics sector. Sinari provides simple and efficient software solutions for transport management, fleet management, warehouse management, route optimisation, garage management, and more.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 9/8/2023 via PR Newswire

Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc., acquired SUMO Medical Staffing

synopsis: UK-based Acacium Group has acquired Sumo Medical Staffing, a locum tenens agency dedicated to placing qualified physicians and advanced practice providers (APP) in temporary and permanent positions across the US. SUMO will join Favorite Healthcare Staffing as part of Acacium Group's US Healthcare Staffing Division.
closed 9/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

Oneglint Media Solutions, acquired Memzo

synopsis: Oneglint Media Solutions, a leading provider of photography solutions in India, has acquired Memzo, an AI-powered photo sharing app in India. Memzo enables large events to easily share and sell photos to a large number of participants. Their platform uses facial recognition to help guests quickly find photos of themselves from the event.
closed 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

Proctor + Stevenson, acquired Proctor + Stevenson

synopsis: The management of Proctor + Stevenson has acquired the company from Roger Proctor, the founder of Proctor + Stevenson. Proctor + Stevenson is a full-service B2B marketing agency in the UK. They offer services for brand identity, web design, social media, SEO, and more.
closed 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

SkillArbitrage, acquired Dataisgood

synopsis: SkillArbitrage, an education technology company in India, has acquired Dataisgood, a bootstrapped tech education company based in India. Dataisgood helps people to acquire in-demand tech skills & transform their career. They offer certification programs for data science, AI, cybersecurity, and data analysis.
closed 9/7/2023 via PR Newswire

Omnicom PR Group, acquired PLUS Communications

synopsis: Omnicom announced its public relations division, Omnicom PR Group (OPRG), has acquired PLUS Communications, a Beltway-based consulting firm specializing in campaign management, media relations, coalition building, award-winning advertising, cutting-edge digital engagement, crisis communications, litigation support and message development.
closed 9/7/2023 via PR Newswire

Omnicom PR Group, acquired FP1 Strategies

synopsis: Omnicom announced its public relations division, Omnicom PR Group (OPRG), has acquired FP1 Strategies, one of the country's top general consulting and political advertising firms. Since its inception, FP1 has helped elect 31 U.S. Senators, 8 Governors, 56 Members of Congress and 4 Attorneys General.
closed 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

MIS Solutions LLC, acquired CCR Technology Partners, Inc.

synopsis: MIS Solutions, a premier provider in the IT services industry, has acquired CCR Technology Partners, an IT services firm based in Fishers. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for MIS Solutions' expansion into the Indiana market and beyond.
closed 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

JÏZ Marketing Group, acquired Digital Playas

synopsis: JÏZ Marketing Group, a group of marketing agencies in France, has acquired Digital Playas, a digital creative agency in France focused on sports & entertainment. Digital Playas creates content that brings brands into people's daily lives. The agency specializes in branded content, athlete endorsements, social media, community management, and more.
announced 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

Propel Global Berhad, will acquire E-Maintenance Sdn Bhd

synopsis: Propel Global, a provider of oil and gas services in Malaysia, will acquire E-Maintenance, a computer hardware solutions and services provider in Malaysia. E-Maintenance helps businesses to solve their IT issues and elevate their business performance. They provide services for hardware repair, troubleshooting, pickup & collection, and maintenance.
announced 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

Service Care Limited, will acquire Meeden Labs

synopsis: Service Care Limited, a workforce and workspace services provider in India, will acquire Meeden Labs, a recruitment firm in India. Meeden Labs enables companies to speed up their hiring process, saving them time and money. They provide services for lateral hiring, executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, and interview as a service.
announced 9/7/2023 via BusinessWire

Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc., will acquire NextTrip

synopsis: Sigma Additive Solutions, a leading provider of in-process quality assurance software, will acquire NextTrip, a leading travel brand. NextTrip delivers innovative solutions for business and leisure travel. Their platform offers seamless booking for destinations spanning the globe. They also offer travel and expense management software for SMBs.
closed 9/7/2023 via PR Newswire

DealerBuilt, acquired iService Auto, Inc.

synopsis: DealerBuilt, a leading software provider to franchised auto dealerships, has acquired iService Auto, a provider of fixed operations solutions for auto dealerships. iService empowers dealerships to elevate their service lane operations. They offer software for multi-point inspection, customer engagement, scheduling, mobile payment, and more.
closed 9/7/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Levio Consulting, acquired Soljit

synopsis: Levio, a leading business and technology consulting firm, acquired SOLJIT, a fast-growing expert in Salesforce, the world's number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, and a partner and reseller of OneSpan's electronic signature solution. SOLJIT has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in the Salesforce CRM implementation space.
announced 9/7/2023 via BusinessWire

WeCommerce, will acquire Clean Canvas Limited

synopsis: Canada-based WeCommerce, a provider of ecommerce software tools for merchants to start and grow their online store, will acquire Clean Canvas Limited, a leading British designer and developer of premium Shopify themes that have been leveraged by over 80k merchants.
closed 9/7/2023 via PR Newswire

Munetrix LLC, acquired Eidex LLC

synopsis: Munetrix, a leading performance analytics platform that consolidates siloed K-12 data into actionable insights, announced the acquisition of Eidex, a pioneer in the K-12 data visualization space.
closed 9/7/2023 via Company Press Release

Publitas, acquired Spott

synopsis: Publitas, a company that provides clients and shoppers with an immersive, shoppable experience, has acquired, an interactive marketing & advertising platform. With Spott, users can get more value out of their published content by making it actionable and measurable in a multichannel environment.
announced 9/7/2023 via BNC Analysis

Atturra, will acquire saberVox

synopsis: Atturra, one of Australia's leading advisory and IT solutions providers, will acquire saberVox, a managed IT services provider in Australia. saberVox specializes in providing intelligent, reliable, and flexible solutions to mid-sized clients. They offer services for managed IT, data centers, disaster recovery, cyber security, cloud, and more.
closed 9/7/2023 via PR Newswire

ActiveFence, acquired Spectrum Labs AI

synopsis: ActiveFence has acquired Spectrum Labs, a pioneer in text-based Contextual AI Content Moderation. Spectrum Labs serves some of the world's leading online brands and communities and assists them in eliminating harmful content, improving user retention, and creating more enjoyable customer experiences.
closed 9/7/2023 via Company Press Release

Saab AB, acquired CrowdAI

synopsis: Saab, a Swedish aerospace and defense company, has completed the acquisition of CrowdAI, which is known for its practical, user-friendly no-code platform for mission-specific AI and its industry-leading work leveraging dual-use computer vision for military applications.

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