1. What industries does MandAsoft cover?

    MandAsoft specializes in the Information Industries such as Online, Mobile, Media, Software, Traditional Media and Publishing both in the consumer and Business to Business spaces including the Healthcare, Education and Financial Information and Technology sectors. You can browse up to 846441 Information Industry Segments using the MandAsoft Search or browse an alphabetical list on our Specialty Segment Page.

  2. Who is MandAsoft for?

    MandAsoft is easy and powerful, and puts in the hands of executives a powerful engine that gets information fast on deals in the Information Industry.

  3. How many Transactions and Companies are in the database?

    There are over 97000 transactions and almost 70000 companies in the MandAsoft database which has been continuously updated since 2000.

  4. How does MandAsoft find comparable deals to a deal I am looking at?

    MandAsoft has a patented technology that uses a Business "Genome" to find similarities between transactions and companies based on their "genetic" traits.

  5. Why does MandAsoft use medians and not means?

    Merger and Acquisition data tends to consist of many small deals and few extremely large deals. These large deals distort mean values while median value gives a better sense of the nature of a given grouping of deals.

  6. How does MandAsoft figure out sector sizes?

    MandAsoft uses a patented statistical processes to estimate the size of a given industry sector based on known values. MandAsoft does not project the number of deals, just the value of known deals with unknown values.

  7. Why do the sector counts in the left-hand chart add up to more than the total number of deals?

    Sometimes a deal may fall into multiple sectors and it will then be counted 2 or more times. For instance, a company that sells software for Healthcare will be counted in both the Healthcare sector and the Software sector.

  8. How often does MandAsoft update its database?

    Currently MandAsoft publishes transaction data after a thorough accuracy check, to its website once a day during weekdays.

  9. Is there a MandAsoft RSS feed?

    There is not an RSS feed, however you can follow our deals on our Twitter account @BerkeryMandA.

  10. Can I get some custom reports?

    Yes, contact sales@MandAsoft.com to get a quote for detailed research in the Information Industry.

  11. How can I personalize MandAsoft?
    • Create your own custom segments
    • Create your own bookmark list of deals
    • Set your alerts on a per segment basis
    • Modify the Sector Navigation chart to show only the sectors you are interested in
  12. How long has MandAsoft been around?

    MandAsoft is a service created by Berkery Noyes & Co. LLC, a leading Investment Bank specializing in transactions in the Information Industry since 1980. In 2000, Berkery Noyes started publishing deal data to its clients, and every year since it has been improving the quality and amount of analysis and data. Recently, Berkery Noyes has decided to offer this information beyond its clients and offer it as a web service.