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closed 1/30/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Coface, acquired Rel8ed

synopsis: Coface, a leader in trade credit insurance and adjacent specialty services, has acquired Rel8ed, a leading provider of commercial and unique specialty data. Their data experts leverage the power of their global database and advanced proprietary tools to find, curate, and squeeze the best decisions out of your (+their) data.
buyer: Coface
With 75 years of experience and the most extensive international network, Coface is a leader in trade credit insurance and adjacent specialty services, including Factoring, Debt Collection, Single Risk insurance, Bonding and Information services. "
target: Rel8ed
Rel8ed is a leading provider of commercial and unique specialty data. Their data experts leverage the power of their global database and advanced proprietary tools to find, curate, and squeeze the best decisions out of your (+their) data.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 1/30/2023 via BusinessWire

Marqeta, will acquire Power Finance, Inc.

synopsis: Marqeta, the global modern card issuing platform, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire credit card program management platform Power Finance, Inc. Power’s cloud-native platform offers credit card program management services for companies creating new credit card programs.
closed 1/27/2023 via BusinessWire

Permira, acquired Acuity Knowledge Partners

synopsis: Acuity Knowledge Partners, a leading provider of high-value research, analytics and business intelligence to the financial services sector, announced that funds advised by Permira, the global private equity firm, have acquired a majority stake in the business from Equistone, one of Europe’s leading mid-market private equity investors.
buyer: Permira
Permira is a global investment firm. Permira advises funds with total assets under management of €60bn+ and makes long-term majority and minority investments across two core asset classes, private equity and credit. "
target parent: Equistone Partners Europe
target: Acuity Knowledge Partners
Acuity Knowledge Partners is a leading research, analytics, and business intelligence consultant to the financial services sector.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 1/27/2023 via Company Press Release

Keensight Capital, acquired Onventis GmbH

synopsis: Keensight Capital, a leading European growth buyout firm based in Paris, has acquired Onventis. Founded in 2000 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, Onventis’ offer steers source-to-pay processes of direct and indirect materials in strategic and operational procurement.
closed 1/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Appointy, acquired Zyoga

synopsis: Online scheduling software provider firm Appointy has acquired fitness startup Zyoga. Zyoga is a healthtech startup that offers an artificial intelligence-led virtual fitness studio to fitness coaches and businesses taking online classes.
closed 1/27/2023 via BusinessWire

FiscalNote Inc., acquired Dragonfly Eye Ltd.

synopsis: FiscalNote has announced the acquisition of Dragonfly Eye Ltd., a UK-based geopolitical and security intelligence provider of actionable data and analysis delivered through Dragonfly’s SaaS-based, proprietary Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS) subscription platform and API.
closed 1/27/2023 via PR Newswire

Abrigo, acquired DiCOM Software

synopsis: Abrigo, a leader in compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for financial institutions, has acquired DiCOM Software, LLC, a leading provider of automated credit risk management software. DiCOM Software's solutions provide financial institutions unprecedented control over the entire credit risk management function with increased efficiency.
announced 1/27/2023 via BusinessWire

POSaBit, will acquire MJ Platform, Leaf Data Systems and Ample Organics

synopsis: POSaBIT is to acquire MJ Platform, Leaf Data Systems and Ample Organics from Akerna. Ample Organics is a global leader in compliance for the cannabis industry. MJ Freeway is the first cannabis-specific software that tracked every gram, from seed to sale. Leaf Data Systems provides government clients with a compliance technology solution.
closed 1/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Paradigm Inc, acquired Deep Lens Inc.

synopsis: Paradigm, a healthcare technology company focused on improving access to clinical research, has acquired Deep Lens, a patient recruitment platform for oncology-focused clinical trials. Deep Lens’ AI-driven cloud platform gives care teams, trial coordinators and oncologists visibility into all available trials.
closed 1/26/2023 via BNC Analysis

MTF Finance, acquired The Lending People Limited

synopsis: MTF Finance, lending specialists in New Zealand, has acquired The Lending People, an online brokerage in New Zealand. The Lending People provides people with access to a range of loan products to help them embrace opportunities and overcome obstacles. Their platform offers personal loans, debt consolidation loans, vehicle financing, and insurance.
closed 1/26/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Lü Interactive Playground, Megaform AG, acquired Marbotic

synopsis: Lü Interactive Playground and Megaform have acquired Marbotic, a French educational technology company. Founded in 2011, Marbotic has developed an interactive educational product that uses the Montessori method to help young children learn math and reading.
announced 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

OneSpan, will acquire ProvenDB

synopsis: OneSpan Inc., the digital agreements security company, announced that it has agreed to acquire ProvenDB, an Australia-based startup that delivers secure storage and vaulting for documents based on blockchain technology.
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

Lens, acquired Shipa

synopsis: Mirantis, freeing developers to create their most valuable code, announced that it has acquired the Santa Clara, California-based Shipa to add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform. Shipa delivers a unique cloud-native application-as-code platform.
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

RealDefense LLC, acquired

synopsis: RealDefense LLC, a company that specializes in privacy, security, and productivity software and services, has completed its acquisition of SUPERAntiSpyware from SUPERAntiSpyware is known for its AI-powered malware detection engine and database. Its flagship product has over 65 million downloads and more than one million active users.
closed 1/26/2023 via PR Newswire

OpenWeb, acquired Jeeng Inc.

synopsis: OpenWeb, the community engagement platform serving over 1,000 leading publishers, announced it has acquired the proprietary audience management platform Jeeng. Using AI technology, Jeeng leverages first-party data to deliver highly effective content tailored to users' interests across email, push, and other channels.
closed 1/26/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Vencora, acquired Quarzo Tecnología

synopsis: Vencora, a Canadian company dedicated to acquiring financial software businesses, has acquired Quarzo Tecnología, a provider of software solutions for employee associations, savings funds, mutual funds and cooperatives in Central America. Quarzo's web-based software automates administrative, financial, accounting and customer service functions.
closed 1/26/2023 via BNC Analysis

cloudIT, LLC, acquired MDC Technology Group

synopsis: cloudIT, a leading managed service provider with clients in 40 states, has acquired MDC Technologies, a provider of computer networking, automated offsite data backups, professional email, hosted servers, website design, and web hosting.
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

CareAcademy, acquired NextStep Interactive

synopsis: CareAcademy, the leading care enablement platform for home care and home health organizations, has completed the strategic acquisition of assets from NextStep, an innovative digital healthcare training and job placement company for certified nursing assistants (CNAs).
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

NXTsoft merged with CFM,

synopsis: NXTsoft, a leading provider of complete workflow API connectivity, connecting fintech solutions, has merged with CFM. The combination creates the leading provider of API connectivity, workflow automation, and data analytics software for financial institutions.
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

Iron Bow Technologies, LLC, acquired GuardSight, Inc.

synopsis: Iron Bow Technologies, the leading technology solutions provider to government, commercial, education, and healthcare markets, announced it acquired GuardSight Inc., a cybersecurity operations as a service (SECOPS), and managed detection and response (MDR) company that serves businesses and organizations across the U.S.
closed 1/26/2023 via BusinessWire

DAS Technology, acquired AUTOVATE

synopsis: Digital Air Strike (DAS Technology), the largest automotive Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) company, has acquired AUTOVATE, the leading automotive technology trends and deal-making conference paired with insights year-round from top industry analysts.
closed 1/25/2023 via Company Press Release

Visma Advantage, acquired Moloni

synopsis: Visma has acquired Moloni, a provider of SaaS solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Founded in 2012 by Ruben Costa and Álvaro Saraiva, Moloni provides cloud software solutions for invoicing and point of sale (POS) to more than 30,000 customers in Portugal and Spain.
announced 1/20/2023 via BusinessWire

Thoma Bravo, LLC, will acquire Magnet Forensics Inc.

synopsis: Magnet Forensics Inc., developer of digital investigation solutions for more than 4,000 enterprises and public safety organizations, is to be acquired by Thoma Bravo through Morpheus Purchaser Inc., a newly created corporation controlled by Thoma Bravo.
buyer: Thoma Bravo, LLC
Thoma Bravo is a leading private equity firm focused on the software and technology-enabled services sectors. Thoma Bravo partners with a company’s management team to implement operating best practices, invest in growth initiatives and make acquisitions intended to accelerate revenue and earnings. "
target: Magnet Forensics Inc. (TSX:MAGT:$70.29)
Magnet Forensics is a Canada-based leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, the cloud and more. Magnet Forensics helps examiners and investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security.
price ($mm)[EV]
$789 [$674]*
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 1/20/2023 via PR Newswire

Improving Holdings, LLC, acquired Zigatta LLC

synopsis: Improving, a modern digital services company, has acquired Zigatta, a software development and consulting firm specializing in high end data, cloud, software engineering and architecture. The acquisition will further Improving's geographic reach throughout the US and Latin America.
closed 1/20/2023 via Company Press Release

CompTIA, acquired

synopsis: CompTIA, the world’s leading information technology (IT) certification and training body, has acquired TestOut, a proven market leader, providing comprehensive delivery solutions for training, courseware, online labs, performance-based exams and more.
closed 1/20/2023 via PR Newswire

Ren, acquired Stellar Technology Solutions, LLC

synopsis: Ren has acquired Stellar Technology Solutions, a leading provider of philanthropic fiduciary enterprise software solutions and services. The newly-combined organization builds upon Ren and Stellar's leadership in charitable solutions, including the fast-growing donor-advised fund (DAF).
closed 1/20/2023 via BNC Analysis

Inside Real Estate, acquired BoomTown

synopsis: Real estate technology provider Inside Real Estate has acquired fellow proptech firm BoomTown. BoomTown exists to make real estate agents successful with easy-to-use technology that creates opportunities and turns them into closings. The deal is being heralded as the biggest proptech acquisition since Zillow purchased ShowingTime.
closed 1/20/2023 via PR Web

Capficiency, acquired ProvisionPoint Limited

synopsis: Capficiency Private Equity, a Canadian private equity firm, has acquired ProvisionPoint Limited, a UK-based solution developer providing tailored productivity software leveraging the Microsoft 365 workspace. ProvisionPoint provides a management solution for Microsoft 365 that gives control to administrators and self-service empowerment to users.
closed 1/20/2023 via BusinessWire

SAI MedPartners, acquired Fulcrum Research Group

synopsis: SAI MedPartners, a leading consultancy providing strategic insights and analytics to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, has acquired Fulcrum Research Group, a primary market research consulting firm specializing in the healthcare and biopharmaceuticals markets.
announced 1/20/2023 via BNC Analysis

Innov8tif, will acquire Xendity

synopsis: Innov8tif Holdings Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian AI company, will acquire Xendity Sdn Bhd from Green Packet Bhd, a Malaysian tech company. Xendity is a Malaysian software development company focused on identity verification. They offer solutions for ID scanning, document scanning, facial recognition, and anti-money laundering.
closed 1/19/2023 via BNC Analysis

JPC Capital Investment Group, acquired Urban Home

synopsis: JPC Capital Investment Group, a private investment group in the UK, has acquired Urban Home, an online home furniture and accessories retailer in the UK. Urban Home offers a wide range of stylish and affordable home furnishings and accessories. Their products include tables, beds, wardrobes, lamps, clocks, wall decor, and more.
closed 1/19/2023 via BNC Analysis

Tuesday's Child Television Limited, acquired Interstellar Television Limited

synopsis: Tuesday’s Child, a UK based independent production company, has acquired a controlling stake in Interstellar, an independent production company founded by David Williams with Jamie Ormerod. Together they create and craft eye catching TV out of London and Glasgow.
closed 1/19/2023 via BNC Analysis

Extreme Agency SA, acquired Agence 14 Septembre

synopsis: The French communication company Extreme acquired a majority stake in Agence 14 Septembre, in order to form a multidisciplinary group focused on the international. Agence 14 Septembre has been developing communication strategies for major players in the design, interior decoration, architecture, gastronomy and hospitality industries.
closed 1/19/2023 via BusinessWire

Evia Events merged with The Production Network,

synopsis: The Production Network (TPN), a global experience marketing company, has merged with Evia, a service & solution-oriented production agency that specializes in digital content​.
closed 1/19/2023 via PR Newswire

Blattner Technologies, acquired Superwise

synopsis: Blattner Technologies, a provider of predictive transformation services and tools, has acquired Superwise, a leader in MLOps in Israel. Superwise helps companies to maintain and improve machine learning models in production. Their platform automatically configures model metrics and analyzes anomalies, enabling teams to focus on business operations.
closed 1/19/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Versaterm Public Safety, acquired Visual Labs, Inc.

synopsis: Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions company, has acquired Visual Labs, Inc., a provider of smartphone body and dash camera software. Visual Labs software transforms an officer’s department-issued Android smartphone into a body-worn camera with real-time video and audio streaming capabilities.
closed 1/19/2023 via BusinessWire

Vanta, acquired Trustpage

synopsis: Vanta, the leading trust management platform, announced its acquisition of Trustpage, the only end-to-end security review platform that helps customers self-serve security information, reduce repetitive questionnaires, and respond quickly and accurately to security questions.
closed 1/19/2023 via BNC Analysis

Klue Labs, acquired DoubleCheck Research

synopsis: Klue, the Vancouver, B.C.-based startup that uses AI to aggregate and analyze company data, acquired DoubleCheck Research, a Massachusetts-based company that helps B2B tech companies source deals through its platform. The combined companies will become an “all-in-one” platform, said Klue co-founder and CEO Jason Smith.
closed 1/19/2023 via PR Newswire

Capacity, acquired Textel

synopsis: Capacity, the AI-powered support automation platform, has acquired Textel, a cloud-based texting platform. With the acquisition, Capacity will enhance the end-user customer experience by expanding its capabilities to include AI-powered SMS business texting features.
closed 1/19/2023 via PR Newswire

Evins PR+, acquired Teuwen Communications

synopsis: Evins Communications, a public relations agency with four decades of experience and success marketing iconic lifestyle brands, has acquired Teuwen Communications, a leading a food, wine and spirits public relations and marketing agency.
closed 1/19/2023 via BusinessWire

GTY Technology Holdings, acquired Ion Wave Technologies

synopsis: GTY Technology Holdings Inc., leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the public sector, has acquired Ion Wave Technologies, which offers digital SaaS solutions for the public sector, including procurement automation and management of special education programs.
closed 1/19/2023 via BusinessWire

Bitwarden, acquired Passwordless

synopsis: Bitwarden, the leading open source password manager trusted by millions, announced the acquisition of, a European-based open source startup that enables developers to create passkeys and other forms of WebAuthn passwordless experiences quickly.
closed 1/13/2023 via Company Press Release

TMA Systems, LLC, acquired Prime Technologies

synopsis: TMA Systems, a US-based leader and developer of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (EAMS), announced the acquisition of Prime Technologies, a provider of Calibration Management Software (CMS).
buyer parent: Silversmith Capital Partners
buyer: TMA Systems, LLC
TMA Systems is a world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions. TMA’s products, along with world-class services, are key reasons WebTMA is the preferred solution for facility professionals throughout the world. "
target: Prime Technologies
Prime Technologies is a global leader in the development of calibration management software. The company’s high-level calibration domain expertise provides clients with a well-structured, data-centric software platform to improve and formalize calibration and maintenance management practices.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 1/13/2023 via BNC Analysis

Cambridge Technology Enterprises, will acquire FA Software Services Private Limited

synopsis: Cambridge Technology Enterprises, a global technology services company, will acquire FA Software Services, a provider of IT services in India. FA Software provides digital transformation services to help enterprises improve their bottom line. They offer services for robotic process automation, cloud, application development, DevOps, and more.
closed 1/13/2023 via BusinessWire

Semtech Corp., acquired Sierra Wireless, Inc.

synopsis: Semtech Corporation, a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider, has acquired Sierra Wireless, a world leading IoT solutions provider that combines devices, network services, and software to unlock value in the connected economy.
closed 1/13/2023 via BNC Analysis

MessageGears, acquired Swrve New Media Inc.

synopsis: MessageGears, an enterprise customer engagement platform, has acquired Swrve, an enterprise-grade mobile marketing and customer engagement platform based in Ireland. Swrve helps brands to connect with their customers with relevant messages. Their platform enables users to create interactions that are highly personal and relevant to each customer.
closed 1/13/2023 via BusinessWire

Alpine SG, acquired ThinkLP

synopsis: ThinkLP, a leading provider of loss prevention and safety case, audit, and analytics management software, announced that it will join Alpine Software Group (ASG), a portfolio company of Alpine Investors that buys and builds vertical SaaS companies.
closed 1/12/2023 via Company Press Release

Morning Brew, acquired Our Future LLC

synopsis: Morning Brew has acquired Our Future, a digital media startup that produces short-form business video content and helps large companies thrive on emerging platforms. Our Future has accumulated 1 billion views and a following of 1 million people targeting Gen Z across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

The Arena Group, acquired Fexy Media

synopsis: The Arena Group Holdings, Inc., a tech-powered media company, announced that it has acquired Fexy Studios, an award-winning creative agency that produces television shows, streaming and digital video programming, and branded content across a variety of mediums including desktop and mobile web, OTT, broadcast television, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram,
closed 1/12/2023 via Company Press Release

Crisis24, acquired

synopsis: Leading global risk management firm Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, has acquired, maker of innovative critical event management platform, TopoONE. Crisis24 provides unrivaled curated intelligence and sophisticated technologies to enable the world’s most prominent brands and organizations to operate with confidence.
closed 1/12/2023 via BNC Analysis

Apex Group Ltd, acquired Pacific Fund Systems

synopsis: Financial services firm Apex Group has strengthened its technology platform with the purchase of fund administration software firm Pacific Fund Systems.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, acquired Pachyderm

synopsis: Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced an expansion to its AI-at-scale offerings with the acquisition of Pachyderm, a startup that delivers software, based on open-source technology, to automate reproducible machine learning pipelines that target large-scale AI applications.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

Walker Sands Communications, acquired KoMarketing Associates, LLC

synopsis: Walker Sands, a full-service marketing agency focused on accelerating the growth of B2B brands, has acquired KoMarketing, a B2B demand generation firm headquartered in Boston.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

SailPoint, acquired SecZetta

synopsis: SailPoint Technologies, Inc., a leader in enterprise identity security, announced it has acquired SecZetta, a leading provider of third-party identity risk solutions.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

Datastax, acquired Kaskada, Inc.

synopsis: DataStax, the real-time AI company, has acquired Kaskada, a machine learning (ML) company that first solved ​managing​, storing​ and accessing​ ​time-based data​ to train​ behavioral ML ​​models ​and deliver the ​instant, actionable insights​ that fuel artificial intelligence (AI)​.
closed 1/12/2023 via Company Press Release

Dance Media merged with,

synopsis: Dance Media, a publishing company whose mission is to be the global leader in producing dance content, has merged with, a leading entertainment platform led by entrepreneurs Mitch Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers.
announced 1/12/2023 via PR Newswire

Hexagon AB, will acquire Projectmates

synopsis: Hexagon AB, a global leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, will acquire Projectmates, a SaaS-based, owner-focused, enterprise construction project management software provider.
announced 1/12/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Thirdera, LLC, will acquire SilverStorm Solutions SL

synopsis: Thirdera, the leading global pure-play provider of workflow-enabled ServiceNow services and solutions, will acquire SilverStorm Solutions. Based in Spain, SilverStorm provides tailored solutions and professional services for ServiceNow implementations, integrations, managed support, and application development.
announced 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

American Express Company, will acquire Nipendo

synopsis: American Express, an American multinational financial services corporation, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Nipendo, a company used by global businesses to automate and streamline business-to-business (B2B) payments processes.
closed 1/12/2023 via PR Newswire

Bain & Company, acquired Enterprise Blueprints

synopsis: Bain & Company announced its acquisition of Enterprise Blueprints, a provider of enterprise and solution architecture consulting services. Enterprise Blueprints supports organizations at various stages across an extensive suite of technology architecture services including strategy, resilience, data, cloud, and security and cost optimization.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

Lessen, acquired SMS Assist, LLC

synopsis: Lessen, the premier tech-enabled, end-to-end solution for outsourced real estate property services, has acquired SMS Assist, an industry-leading facilities maintenance technology company. SMS Assist's cloud-based facilities management platform connects everything in one place and helps businesses to manage the end-to-end work order process.
closed 1/12/2023 via BusinessWire

3STEP Sports, acquired D3 Lacrosse Showcase

synopsis: 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest and most impactful youth sports club and event operator, has acquired D3 Lacrosse Showcase, a top lacrosse event operator which provides opportunities for boys and girls to be seen by Division III college coaches.

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