From the advent of digital print to the growth of the internet and interactive information, Berkery Noyes has tracked and mapped over 70000 companies with its proprietary classification system using a combination of lexicon and taxonomy which we have termed lexography. Unlike SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) or NAIC (North American Industry Classification System) which classify businesses by type only, our lexography solution describes a complete line of business including the clientele served and the products and services offered. This more thorough and accurate system allows us to match companies based on vertical and horizontal focus, which we consider akin to the DNA that makes up each company; hence, the DNA of M&A. These classifications have been a tremendous tool for Berkery Noyes to assist with sourcing acquisition targets as well as providing trends analysis on the constantly evolving information industries.

Wanting to bring the results of this work to a larger audience, we created, a hosted version of our lexography-based transaction data - where one can search companies and transactions in seconds and without any technical knowledge or initial need of a professional. You can search MandAsoft's 846948 specialty segments 98000 mergers & acquisitions and 70000 companies to quickly gain perspective on M&A and relationships throughout the information industry.

Our lexography plays an instrumental role in helping to match similar deals. For example, if you're interested in Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, you can search for similar transactions using MandAsoft's algorithm. Click here to see this tool in action for the Instagram deal, or simply type in the Search bar above to see similar transactions to other deals.