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Applied Systems Inc., acquired Planck

synopsis: Applied Systems has acquired Planck, the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company for the insurance industry. This acquisition will significantly expand Applied’s AI capabilities, accelerating its vision for the next generation of the digital roundtrip of insurance and creating more value at every stage of the insurance lifecycle.
buyer parent: Hellman & Friedman LLC
buyer: Applied Systems Inc.
Applied Systems is the leading provider of cloud-based software that powers the business of insurance. Recognized as a pioneer in insurance automation and data exchange between brokerages, insurers and their clients, it is the world’s largest provider of agency and brokerage management systems. "
target: Planck
Planck provides an AI-based data platform for commercial insurance, working with top US insurance companies and helping them increase premiums while reducing loss and expense ratios.
price ($mm)
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EBITDA ($mm)
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Aletheia Marketing & Media LLC, acquired Pluralytics

synopsis: Dallas-based digital marketing agency Aletheia Marketing & Media Inc has acquired Pluralytics. Pluralytics, an AI content intelligence company, empowers communications professionals in marketing, HR, and content creation by addressing the gap businesses face in communicating with customers, employees, and shareholders.
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Genstar Capital LLC, acquired Docupace Technologies

synopsis: Docupace, a leading provider of software to streamline back-office operations of wealth management enterprises and financial advisors, announced a strategic majority investment from Genstar Capital, a leading private equity firm focused on investments in targeted segments of the financial services, software, industrials and healthcare industries.
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Warner Bros. Games, acquired Player First Games

synopsis: Warner Bros. Games has acquired Player First Games, the developer of MultiVersus, a free-to-play platform fighter videogame that features an ever-expanding roster of popular characters based on Warner Bros. Discovery franchises. Player First Games is focused on creating games and serving passionate communities of gamers with a player first mindset.
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Infogain Corporation, acquired Impaqtive

synopsis: Infogain, a leader in digital customer experience engineering, has acquired Impaqtive, a Summit Level Salesforce Consulting services firm. Impaqtive partners with organizations at every stage of their Salesforce journey, from the initial assessment of needs, to creating the experience design and roadmap planning, to system implementation.
announced 7/22/2024 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire Camelot Management Consultants AG

synopsis: Accenture will acquire Camelot Management Consultants, an international SAP-focused management and technology consulting firm from Germany, with specific strengths in supply chain, data and analytics. The acquisition will further enhance Accenture’s SAP and AI-driven supply chain capabilities.
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OV Loop, Inc., acquired Skipti

synopsis: OV Loop has acquired Skipti, an online transportation facilitator that helps drivers, retailers and consumers schedule, deliver and return rentable products to and from homes. By combining OV Loop’s SuperApp with Skipti’s driver and asset management software, the company is poised to deliver exceptional value to merchants and consumers alike.
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Clarivate plc, acquired Rowan Patents

synopsis: Clarivate Plc, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, has acquired Rowan Patents, a provider of patent drafting solutions. Rowan provides software that brings automation, AI, and workflow solutions to address the complex legal challenges of corporations and law firms.
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ABA Connect, acquired ABA Therapy of Houston, Inc.

synopsis: ABA Connect, a provider of top tier applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, has acquired ABA Therapy of Houston (ATH), a provider of individualized ABA services to families with young children who are diagnosed with autism and other developmental delays.
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PAR Technology Corporation, acquired Task Retail Technology Pty Ltd

synopsis: PAR Technology Corporation, a global provider of POS solutions, has acquired Task Group, an Australia-based global foodservice transaction platform. Task’s cloud-based platform helps clients to improve customer experiences across every transactional touchpoint, including digital customer-facing services, back-of-house, and enterprise operations.
closed 7/19/2024 via BusinessWire

Bending Spoons S.p.A., acquired Issuu

synopsis: Technology company Bending Spoons announced that it has closed the acquisition of Issuu, the renowned digital publishing platform. As the industry’s leading digital publishing platform, they give publishers the tools to deliver over 5 billion page views each month to the 80+ million readers who care most about their content.
buyer: Bending Spoons S.p.A.
Bending Spoons creates cutting-edge technologies and products. Since launching in 2013, they’ve served around half a billion people across the globe. Their products include Splice, powerful, portable video editing suite and Remini, an AI-powered photo enhancement and restoration app. "
target: Issuu
Issuu is where the world's most innovative and growth-oriented content creators publish digitally. As the industry’s leading digital publishing platform, they give publishers the tools to deliver over 5 billion page views each month to the 80+ million readers who care most about their content.
price ($mm)
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EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 7/19/2024 via BNC Analysis

Commure, Inc., will acquire Augmedix

synopsis: Commure Inc., a provider of technology services to healthcare systems, will acquire Augmedix Inc., an ambient AI medical documentation and data solutions company. Augmedix provides a mobile medical record documentation platform that enables clinicians to transform natural conversations into problem-based medical notes and structured data.
closed 7/18/2024 via BNC Analysis

Deel, Inc., acquired Hofy

synopsis: Deel, a global payroll & HR company, has acquired Hofy, a leading device supply and management company. Hofy helps IT teams to drastically simplify employee device management. Their platform enables users to see and control all of their devices in one place and deploy them worldwide.
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QuestionPro, acquired Cmiles CX

synopsis: QuestionPro, a global leader in survey and research, data and insights services, has acquired Cmiles CX, a developer of 360° customer experience and feedback tracking technology.
announced 7/18/2024 via BusinessWire

GE Healthcare, will acquire ScanNav

synopsis: GE HealthCare will acquire UK-based ScanNav, Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC’s clinical AI software business. ScanNav utilizes deep learning-based algorithms to make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible. The acquisition supports GE HealthCare’s precision care strategy to address inefficiencies and improve patient care quality.
closed 7/18/2024 via Company Press Release

Panzura, acquired Moonwalk Universal Inc.

synopsis: Panzura, a hybrid-cloud data management solution, has acquired Moonwalk Universal Inc., a provider of advanced data assessment, mobility, and storage optimization solutions. Moonwalk’s innovative technology enables organizations to efficiently manage file and object data across on-premises storage, public clouds, and hybrid infrastructures.
closed 7/18/2024 via BusinessWire

Xsolla, acquired LF Group

synopsis: Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has acquired UK-based LF.Group, a leader in digital solutions for gaming communities. LF.Group has been instrumental in player connectivity/gamer connectivity solutions, mainly through its advanced Discord bot technology.
closed 7/18/2024 via BusinessWire

WP Engine, Inc., acquired NitroPack

synopsis: WP Engine, a global web enablement company providing premium WordPress products and solutions, announced its acquisition of Bulgaria-based NitroPack, an all-in-one SaaS solution for improving site speed and performance metrics, including Google's Core Web Vitals.
announced 7/17/2024 via BNC Analysis

Compodium International, will acquire SecureAppbox AB

synopsis: Compodium, a Swedish platform for secure digital meetings and communication, will acquire SecureAppbox, a secure communication platform in Sweden. SecureAppbox enables businesses to manage all of their internal and external communications. Their platform provides solutions for secure emails, video meetings, whistleblowing, and more.
closed 7/17/2024 via Company Press Release

Duolingo, Inc., acquired Hobbes, LLC

synopsis: Duolingo, Inc., the world's leading mobile learning platform, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Hobbes, an animation and motion design studio based in Detroit. Hobbes specializes in elevating user experiences forward with function and delight. Clients include product teams at Google, YouTube, Ford, Zapier, and Duolingo.
announced 7/17/2024 via BNC Analysis

La Guapa Broadcasting Ideas LLC, will acquire K96.9

synopsis: La Guapa Broadcasting Ideas, a company that owns and operates radio stations, will acquire K96.9 from Appaloosa Broadcasting Co. Inc., a music radio station group. K96.9 is a radio station in Nunn, Colorado. K96.9 broadcasts in a Classic Country radio format. They play songs by Sawyer Brown, Billy Dean, Johnny Paycheck, Eddie Rabbitt, and more.
closed 7/17/2024 via BNC Analysis

SaaS Turbo LLC, acquired neonVest, Inc.

synopsis: SaaS Turbo (AI Turbo), a leading AI-powered platform for founders and entrepreneurs, announced the acquisition of neonVest, a leading venture-backed global startup network connecting founders to top-tier VCs through 1-on-1 video conversations.
closed 7/17/2024 via Company Press Release

Pine Services Group, LLC, acquired ETHOSystems

synopsis: Evergreen, a family of managed IT services and software partners, announced its acquisition of ETHOSystems, a provider of integrated construction and commercial real estate software solutions. ETHOSystems will join Pine Services Group, Evergreen’s dedicated ERP vertical.
closed 7/17/2024 via Company Press Release

Command Alkon Incorporated, acquired Marcotte Systems Limited

synopsis: Command Alkon, a global software and solutions provider for the heavy building materials industry, has acquired Marcotte Systems, a provider of plant automation solutions in Canada. Marcotte provides software solutions for producing and delivering concrete. They offer solutions for batching, dispatching, quality control, invoicing, and more.
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Pay Ready, Inc., acquired EvictionAssistant

synopsis: Pay Ready, a leading provider of post-resident recovery solutions for the property management industry, announced its acquisition of EvictionAssistant, a prominent eviction management software company located in Rockville, MD.
closed 7/17/2024 via BusinessWire

ILP VFX merged with Dream Machine FX,

synopsis: Important Looking Pirates (ILP) has merged into Dream Machine FX, a leading global collective of high-end VFX houses. Founded in 2007 in Stockholm, ILP has built a reputation as one of the most distinguished VFX houses in the world with an unparalleled body of work that spans feature films, episodic series, game cinematics, and commercials.
announced 7/17/2024 via Company Press Release

Valenz Health, will acquire Healthcare Bluebook

synopsis: Vālenz® Health, a leading platform of integrated cost containment and payment integrity solutions, will acquire Healthcare Bluebook, an industry-leading healthcare cost and quality navigation platform. Healthcare Bluebook uses industry-leading objective quality and price data and claims-driven ROI reporting to deliver healthcare value insights.
closed 7/17/2024 via BusinessWire

Tricentis GmbH, acquired Sealights

synopsis: Tricentis has acquired SeaLights, a SaaS-based, software quality intelligence platform. SeaLights further increases Tricentis’ market leadership in quality intelligence by adding expanded capabilities for unparalleled visibility and insights into code and tests throughout the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.
closed 7/17/2024 via BusinessWire

Sia Partners, acquired Ready Set Rocket

synopsis: Sia Partners, a leading international, independent next-gen management and AI consulting firm, acquired Ready Set Rocket (RSR). The move enables Sia Partners to enhance digital and creative strategy assignments across the entire sales funnel by scaling RSR’s capabilities and reaching critical mass on the East Coast.
closed 7/17/2024 via BNC Analysis

Snaptrip Group, acquired The Hotel Guru

synopsis: Snaptrip Group, a collection of accommodation marketplaces in the UK, has acquired The Hotel Guru, the go-to resource for travellers in the UK. The Hotel Guru finds and reviews the best places to stay around the world. Their platform also allows users to see live availability and book online with their booking partners.
closed 7/12/2024 via Company Press Release

Main Capital Partners BV, acquired Nextway Software A/S

synopsis: Main Capital Partners announces its majority investment in Nextway, a leading Danish Enterprise Content Management software supplier. Nextway delivers a suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for medium to large enterprises with a strategic focus on insurance, finance and similar industries.
buyer: Main Capital Partners BV
Netherlands-based Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH, and Nordic regions. Main has 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and works closely with the management teams in its portfolio as a strategic partner to achieve sustainable growth. "
target: Nextway Software A/S
Founded in 1986, Nextway is a Danish software company specializing in enterprise content management (ECM) systems and business process automation solutions. Nextway serves mid-to-large enterprises, particularly in insurance, finance, and similar industries.
price ($mm)
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EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 7/12/2024 via BNC Analysis

Radiant Globaltech, will acquire Rymnet Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

synopsis: Radiant Globaltech, a retail technology solutions provider in Malaysia, will acquire an 80% stake in Rymnet, an award-winning HR management system in Malaysia. Rymnet helps business owners to digitize their daily HR operations. Their software provides solutions for talent management, payroll, attendance, onboarding, claims & benefits, and more.
closed 7/12/2024 via Company Press Release

SEMrush, acquired Ryte

synopsis: Ryte, the award-winning Website User Experience (WUX) Platform, announces its acquisition by Semrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform. Munich-based Ryte focuses on 6 optimization pillars: SEO, Quality Assurance, Performance, Sustainability, Accessibility, and Compliance.
closed 7/12/2024 via Company Press Release

The Harris Poll, acquired BERA

synopsis: The Harris Poll has acquired BERA, a leading predictive brand technology platform. The acquisition will integrate BERA’s cutting-edge AI-powered brand insights and analytics platform into its Harris Quest suite, part of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, further advancing the predictive capabilities of real-time market research and brand tracking.
closed 7/11/2024 via BNC Analysis

AVL LIST GmbH, acquired FIFTY2 Technology GmbH

synopsis: AVL List GmbH, one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies, has acquired a 70% stake in FIFTY2 Technology GmbH, a provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software in Germany. FIFTY2 Technology's PreonLab is a particle-based CFD solution that allows automotive engineers to simulate Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.
closed 7/11/2024 via BusinessWire

Strategic Resource Management, Inc., acquired Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc.

synopsis: Strategic Resource Management (SRM), an advisory firm serving financial institutions, has acquired Kenneth J. Sole & Associates (KJS), a trusted banking technology consulting firm. KJS provides a full range of technology services to financial institutions. They specialize in application processing systems and advanced technology solutions.
closed 7/11/2024 via BNC Analysis

Frequentis AG, acquired Groiss Informatics GmbH

synopsis: Frequentis, a global supplier of communication and information systems for control centres, has acquired Groiss Informatics, a provider of workflow management systems in Austria. Groiss Informatics helps businesses to automate their business processes. They provide solutions for workflow management, document management, reporting, and more.
announced 7/11/2024 via Company Press Release

Bain Capital, will acquire Envestnet, Inc.

synopsis: Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private multi-asset alternative investment firms, will acquire Envestnet, a leading provider of integrated technology, intelligent data and wealth solutions. Envestnet helps wealth managers to drive business growth and productivity through its ecosystem of connected technology and comprehensive solutions.
closed 7/11/2024 via BusinessWire

Sparq (Atlanta), acquired Amplify Consulting Partners Inc.

synopsis: Sparq has acquired Amplify Consulting Partners, a data-first consulting firm trusted by Fortune 500 businesses to deliver high-impact professional services across the technology ecosystem, including data engineering, visual analytics, program management and data-driven marketing.
closed 7/10/2024 via PR Newswire

Gloo LLC, acquired Outreach, Inc

synopsis: Gloo, the leading technology platform dedicated to connecting the faith ecosystem and releasing its collective might, announced the completed acquisition of Outreach, Inc., a Colorado Springs-based company that equips more than 200,000 churches and ministries annually with a wide array of physical and digital products.
closed 7/10/2024 via PR Newswire

ConverseNow, acquired Valyant AI, Inc.

synopsis: ConverseNow, the leading voice AI technology platform for restaurants, has acquired Valyant AI, a conversational AI platform for the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry. Valyant AI's platform integrates into call-ahead phone systems, restaurant drive-thrus, mobile apps, and more to support customers at every touch point.
announced 7/10/2024 via PR Newswire

DeFi Technologies, will acquire Stillman Digital

synopsis: DeFi Technologies Inc., a financial technology company in Canada, will acquire Stillman Digital, an OTC desk and digital asset liquidity provider. Stillman Digital offers liquidity solutions and leading trade execution, settlement, and technology services. Their core products include electronic trade execution, OTC block trading, and market-making.
closed 7/10/2024 via Company Press Release

Caesars Entertainment, Inc., acquired ZeroFlucs

synopsis: Caesars Entertainment, the largest casino-entertainment company in the US, has acquired ZeroFlucs, a provider of sports betting software in Australia. ZeroFlucs provides high performance software solutions that enable sports betting operators to augment their pricing offerings while leveraging their own existing data sources and relationships.
closed 7/10/2024 via BusinessWire

BlueConic, acquired Jebbit

synopsis: BlueConic, a leading customer data platform (CDP), announced the acquisition of Jebbit, a leading first-party data-capture and experience-creation software for marketers. This strategic combination results in the creation of the industry’s first-ever Operating System for Customer Data.
closed 7/10/2024 via Company Press Release

Seyfor, a.s., acquired Datacruit s.r.o.

synopsis: Seyfor, one of the largest European ICT solution providers, is adding a recruitment software company Datacruit to its portfolio. Based in the Czech Republic Datacruit s.r.o. holds a significant position in the development and provision of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software for recruitment.
closed 7/10/2024 via BusinessWire

Sanborn Geospatial, acquired VeriDaaS

synopsis: The Sanborn Map Company Inc. (Sanborn), a leader in the geospatial industry, has acquired the assets of VeriDaaS, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in Geiger mode lidar. This acquisition aligns with Sanborn's strategic vision to continue growth and provide the latest technology to customers.
closed 7/10/2024 via Company Press Release

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG, acquired AG

synopsis: SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG, a pioneering network of online marketplaces in Switzerland, has acquired AG, a Swiss online comparison service for banking, insurance, and telecom. allows users to compare health insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, loans, credit cards, telecom services, and more.
announced 7/10/2024 via BusinessWire

Ryan & Company, will purchase Property Tax Services Business from Altus Group Limited

synopsis: Ryan, a global tax services and software provider, will acquire the Property Tax business of Canada-based Altus Group Limited. Altus' property tax business combines local and property type specialists and industry-leading software with unmatched market insights to streamline the entire process, from assessments, management, appeals and forecasting.
closed 7/10/2024 via Company Press Release

VIA Equity, acquired InterForm A/S

synopsis: Denmark-based InterForm has chosen to accelerate the company's growth by bringing VIA equity on board as the majority shareholder. Founded in 1987, InterForm A/S provides a platform-independent output management software solution that works seamlessly with any ERP system on-premise and in the cloud.
closed 7/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

D2L Corporation, acquired H5P Group

synopsis: D2L Inc., a leading global learning technology company, has acquired H5P Group AS, a provider of interactive content creation software in Norway. H5P Group helps educators, marketers, and businesses to develop interactive content. Their web platform offers templates that allow people to create and share course materials to boost learning outcomes.
closed 7/5/2024 via BusinessWire

We Know Training, acquired Fleet Safety International

synopsis: Edmonton-based We Know Training, a technology-enabled, international learning solution provider, has acquired Fleet Safety International (FSI), a leading supplier of online driver education and in-vehicle training that prides itself on setting the driver training standard in Canada.
buyer: We Know Training
We Know Training is a fully managed solution provider for training that matters. We Know Training has been serving the regulated industry space since 2002, with their technology platform and quality, industry-approved training courses. "
target: Fleet Safety International
Established in 1986, Fleet Safety International (FSI) is a prominent provider of online driver education and in-vehicle training based in Calgary, Alberta. Renowned for its research and behavior-based driver education solutions, FSI prides itself on setting the driver training standard in Canada.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 7/5/2024 via GlobeNewswire

AKVA Group, acquired Observe Technologies

synopsis: AKVA group, the world's largest supplier of solutions and services to aquaculture, has acquired Observe Technologies, a provider of AI solutions for aquaculture in the UK. Observe provides actionable insights for optimizing fish farms. Their software aggregates all the existing data streams on site and extracts relevant information in real-time.
announced 7/4/2024 via Company Press Release

Bregal Unternehmerkapital, will acquire BSI Business Systems Integration

synopsis: Bregal Unternehmerkapital, a leading German investment firm, will acquire BSI Software AG, a leading Swiss provider of software solutions for customer relationship management (“CRM”) and customer experience (“CX”) in the banking, insurance, retail, and energy & utilities industries.
announced 7/4/2024 via BNC Analysis

AAC Clyde Space, will acquire Spacemetric AB

synopsis: AAC Clyde Space, a Swedish company that specialises in small satellite technologies and services, will acquire Spacemetric, a leading provider of geospatial data management systems in Sweden. Spacemetric delivers solutions to sensor operators and manufacturers, solution integrators, and large users of image data in the civilian and defence sectors.
closed 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

WakeCap Technologies, acquired Crews by Core

synopsis: WakeCap, a leading IoT platform for construction project management, announces the acquisition of Crews by Core, an AI-powered project delivery platform for the construction industry. Crews by Core’s AI-powered project delivery platform gives WakeCap the ability to offer customers immediate ways to quantify and mitigate jobsite inefficiencies.
closed 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

Main Capital Partners BV, acquired RiskConcile

synopsis: Main Capital Partners has made its first Belgian platform investment with the acquisition of a majority stake in RiskConcile, a Belgian software provider of regulatory and risk solutions for the financial industry. RiskConcile offers proprietary software solutions covering transaction cost analysis, liquidity stress testing, solvency and more.
announced 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Taxfix AG, will acquire TaxScouts

synopsis: Berlin-based Taxfix Group, Europe's leading financial platform for digital tax filing, will acquire TaxScouts, a British market leader in accountant-assisted digital tax filing. With this strategic move, Taxfix enters the UK market and cements its position as a leading force in European financial technology.
closed 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

Mosaic Consulting Group, acquired D+E Consulting

synopsis: Mosaic Consulting Group, a leading provider of comprehensive services related to the implementation and support of the UKG platform of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions, announced the acquisition of D+E Consulting, an established source of tailored UKG solutions that drive organizations to new levels of performance and achievement.
closed 7/3/2024 via PR Newswire

Raptor Technologies, acquired PAYK12

synopsis: Raptor Technologies, a leader in school safety software and solutions, has acquired PayK12, a prominent provider of online ticketing and payment solutions for K-12 schools and athletics. This addition reinforces Raptor's commitment to delivering comprehensive safety and administrative tools that extend the safety perimeter beyond the school campus.
closed 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

TXT e-solutions SpA, acquired Refine Direct Srl

synopsis: TXT e-solutions Spa, a world leading provider of digital solutions, has acquired Refine Direct Srl, a direct marketing company in Italy that blends marketing and tech to get real results. Refine Direct provides services for direct marketing, email marketing, SEO, performance marketing, lead generation, and more.
closed 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Novidea, acquired Docomotion

synopsis: Novidea, creator of the cloud-based, data-driven enterprise insurance management platform for brokers, agents, MGAs/MGUs, carriers, and wholesalers, announced the strategic acquisition of Docomotion, an automated document generation technology provider.
announced 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

EQT AB, will acquire Keywords Studios

synopsis: EQT Group, a purpose-driven global investment organization, will acquire Keywords Studios, an international technical services provider to the global video games industry. Keywords Studios provides integrated art creation, software engineering, testing, localization, audio and customer care services to a blue-chip client base.
announced 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

XMachina-AI, will acquire brandXchange

synopsis: Montreal-based XMachina AI Group Inc. will acquire BrandXchange.Agency Limited, a British AI powered marketing agency that provides growth solutions to SaaS companies. BrandXchange utilizes innovative marketing frameworks that enhance marketing effectiveness, streamline sales strategies, and reduce operational costs.
closed 7/3/2024 via PR Newswire

Oil Price Information Service, acquired A2I systems

synopsis: Dow Jones has acquired A2i Systems, a world leader in AI-powered fuel pricing solutions. A2i adds to Dow Jones's growing suite of AI capabilities and will operate as a subsidiary of OPIS within Dow Jones's energy business. A2i's AI engine applies advanced predictive technologies and real-time pricing data to forecast consumer buying behaviors.
announced 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Persistent, will acquire Starfish Associates

synopsis: Persistent Systems, a global services and solutions company, will acquire Starfish Associates, a global software company. Starfish helps enterprises to automate the management of their unified communications and contact center systems. Their platform integrates with leading communication systems and enables users to streamline their operations.
closed 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

Squirro, acquired Synaptica LLC

synopsis: Squirro, a leading global SaaS platform specializing in enterprise-ready generative AI, search, and business insights, has acquired Synaptica, a renowned US-based SaaS provider of enterprise taxonomy management and knowledge graph systems.
announced 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Astorg, will acquire Acturis Limited

synopsis: Acturis, a leading supplier of insurance software, and Astorg, a leading European private equity firm, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement for Astorg to acquire a further stake in Acturis. Astorg will now own approximately 52% of the capital of Acturis.
closed 7/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., acquired CompSci

synopsis: Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., a global Fintech leader, has acquired CompSci Resources, LLC, a provider of cloud-based financial technology software for the preparation and processing of SEC filings for public companies and funds.
announced 7/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

Akamai Broadcasting of Hawaii LLC, will purchase Maui Radio Stations from Visionary Related Entertainment

synopsis: Akamai Broadcasting of Hawaii LLC, a company that operates radio stations in Hawaii, will acquire Maui radio stations from Visionary Related Entertainment, the largest radio group in Hawaii. The stations include KDLX-FM 94.3, KNUQ-FM 103.9, KAOI-FM 95.1, KHEI-FM 107.5, KAOI-AM 1110, and KEWE-AM 1240. The stations play a variety of music formats.
closed 7/3/2024 via PR Newswire

DRiP Labs, Inc., acquired Vault Music

synopsis: DRiP, the leading creator platform on the Solana blockchain, has acquired Vault Music, a limited-edition music platform on the Solana blockchain. Vault Music allows artists to create limited-edition music releases that fans can buy, collect, and resell. The platform offers music drops from breakout artists like FLETCHER, Kids That Fly, and more.

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