Defense Department informatics

closed 8/26/2015 via Company Press Release

Forecast International, Inc., acquired AeroWeb

synopsis: Forecast International announced that it has acquired AeroWeb, a very popular and high-traffic website developed by Barr Group Aerospace (BGA). AeroWeb is a unique website with multiple links to hundreds of industry sources, providing, in essence, a gigantic dashboard for presenting these data in real time to viewers around the world.
buyer: Forecast International, Inc.
Forecast International, Inc. is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Analysis in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics. Forecast International specializes in long-range industry forecasts and market assessments used by strategic planners, and more. "
target: AeroWeb
AeroWeb is a web-based Aerospace & Defense market intelligence platform jointly owned by J. Kasper Oestergaard and Barr Group Aerospace. It is designed to support the aerospace industry by providing up-to-date aerospace & defense market data and forecasts. The data is provided free of charge.
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Defense Department informatics

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