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announced 4/11/2024 via BNC Analysis

M&C Saatchi Abel, will acquire M&C Saatchi Abel

synopsis: The local leadership of M&C Saatchi Abel will acquire the company from M&C Saatchi Plc, the world's largest independent advertising network. M&C Saatchi Abel is a strategic advertising, marketing & communications consultancy in South Africa. They provide services for ATL marketing, digital marketing, activations, content marketing, and more.
buyer: M&C Saatchi Abel (:$262.64)
M&C Saatchi Abel is a strategic advertising, marketing & communications consultancy in South Africa. M&C Saatchi Abel creates simple solutions for a complex world. They provide services for ATL marketing, digital marketing, activations, content marketing, and more. "
target parent: M&C Saatchi plc
target: M&C Saatchi Abel (:$262.64)
M&C Saatchi Abel is a strategic advertising, marketing & communications consultancy in South Africa. M&C Saatchi Abel creates simple solutions for a complex world. They provide services for ATL marketing, digital marketing, activations, content marketing, and more.
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announced 4/11/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Zscaler, Inc., will acquire Airgap Networks

synopsis: Zscaler, Inc., the leader in cloud security, announced they have signed an agreement to acquire Airgap Networks, the leader in cybersecurity solutions for business-critical networks.
closed 4/11/2024 via PR Newswire

Volaris Group Inc., acquired iCore Solutions AB

synopsis: iCore Solutions, a leading provider of business integration solutions, tools and expertise, has been acquired by Volaris, a company that acquires, strengthens and grows vertical market technology companies.
closed 4/11/2024 via BusinessWire

Energy Impact Partners, OceanSound Partners, LP, acquired Message Broadcast, LLC

synopsis: OceanSound Partners, in partnership with Energy Impact Partners, has acquired Message Broadcast, a leading provider of customer engagement software for the electric utility industry. Message Broadcast's platform automates communication workflows to increase customer satisfaction, decrease operating costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.
closed 4/11/2024 via BusinessWire

Postman, acquired Orbit Labs, Inc.

synopsis: Postman, the world’s leading API collaboration company, has acquired Orbit, the community growth platform for developer companies. At Postman, the Orbit team will build community features into Postman’s API Network to help create and scale connections between API builders and the developers that rely on them.
closed 4/11/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Versaterm Public Safety, acquired Integrated Computer System

synopsis: Versaterm, a global leader in public safety solutions, announced its acquisition of Texas-based Integrated Computer Systems (ICS), whose mission-critical solutions include the complete Athena™ Public Safety Suite — Athena CAD, Athena ICC, Athena RMS, and Athena MDC.
closed 4/11/2024 via PR Web

Dry Fly Capital, acquired PSA Worldwide Corporation

synopsis: PSA Worldwide, a leading provider of promotional products specializing in public health and safety campaigns, is pleased to announce its acquisition by Dry Fly Capital, a distinguished private equity firm focused on building and nurturing high-potential companies.
closed 4/10/2024 via PR Newswire

Restaurant365, LLC, acquired ExpandShare

synopsis: Restaurant365, the leading all-in-one restaurant enterprise management platform, finalized the acquisition of ExpandShare, a proprietary learning management system specifically built for restaurants to deliver and track engaging, impactful training content quickly and easily across platforms.
closed 4/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

SecretSales, acquired dress-for-less GmbH

synopsis: Secret Sales, the UK's most loved online designer outlet, has acquired Dress for Less, Europe's leading online designer fashion outlet. Dress for Less offers a range of discounted fashion and beauty products across various brands. Their products include jackets, dresses, T-shirts, sleepwear, shoes, wallets, bags, sunglasses, watches, and more.
closed 4/10/2024 via PR Newswire

Luckie & Company, acquired Marbury Creative Group

synopsis: Luckie & Company announces the acquisition of Marbury Creative Group (MCG), an Atlanta-based creative marketing agency recognized for its work in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and hospitality industries.
closed 4/10/2024 via Company Press Release

OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., acquired cloudLibrary

synopsis: OCLC has acquired cloudLibrary, a platform that offers access to a wide variety of digital content through libraries. Launched in 2011, cloudLibrary is a full-service digital platform that provides millions of eBooks, audiobooks, digital magazines, newspapers, and comics, as well as streaming video to nearly 500 libraries in 20 countries.
closed 4/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

Basis Vectors, Inc., acquired Cadient Talent

synopsis: Cadient, a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions in the hourly hiring sector, has been acquired by Basis Vectors Capital, a private equity and technology investment firm that focuses on creating long-term value for market leaders in the B2B SaaS space.
closed 4/10/2024 via Company Press Release

SnapCare, acquired Medecipher, Inc.

synopsis: SnapCare, a leading healthcare workforce solutions provider, has acquired Medecipher, a provider of nurse scheduling support software. Medecipher specializes in solving inefficiencies in nurse scheduling. Their web-based software enables users to design, evaluate, and implement flexible staffing models that adapt to the changing labor landscape.
closed 4/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

InvestorFlow, acquired Coyote Software Ltd

synopsis: Investorflow have acquired London-based property tech Coyote Software. Coyote is award-winning commercial real estate software, transforming the way that real estate businesses buy and manage assets globally.
closed 4/10/2024 via Company Press Release Corporation, acquired CODA Intelligence, Inc.

synopsis: PDQ, a leading provider of IT asset management software, announced the strategic acquisition of CODA Intelligence (CODA), a global provider of next generation cybersecurity solutions. CODA delivers hyper contextualized risk signals to SecOps teams, enabling them to effectively manage vulnerabilities across hybrid cloud environments.
closed 4/10/2024 via PR Newswire

Surge Ventures LLC, acquired Kovair

synopsis: Surge Ventures has acquired Kovair Software, launching a groundbreaking enterprise integration platform for the wealth management industry. Kovair is a pioneer in software development and data integration solutions, known for its robust, flexible platforms that boost organizational efficiency and productivity.
closed 4/10/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Avant Technologies, acquired Wired4Health, Inc.

synopsis: Avant Technologies, Inc., an artificial intelligence technology company, has acquired Wired4Health, a healthcare technology and data integration services firm. Wired4Health helps their clients with their complex healthcare systems. They provide services for application development, public/private cloud development, performance testing and more.
closed 4/10/2024 via PR Newswire

OPSWAT, Inc, acquired CIP Cyber

synopsis: OPSWAT, a global leader in critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions, announced that it has acquired CIP Cyber, an online learning community with a mission of connecting, training, and certifying cybersecurity professionals to protect critical infrastructure.
closed 4/10/2024 via Company Press Release

Automattic Inc., acquired Beeper Inc.

synopsis: Automattic has acquired Beeper, a universal messaging app that combines 14 different chat networks in one inbox. Beeper is the next step toward the dream of combining all online conversations in a safe, secure, and effective way.
closed 4/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

JobCannon, acquired Adsme

synopsis: JobCannon, an AI-based recruiting startup in the UK, has acquired Adsme, an AI-based ads effectiveness forecasting tool in Ukraine. Adsme enables businesses to boost their conversions with automation and AI. Their technology allows users to forecast and optimize the effectiveness of advertising in Meta Ads.
announced 4/5/2024 via BNC Analysis

ATW Tech Inc, will acquire Lanla

synopsis: ATW Tech, a leading provider of interactive communication and monetization solutions in Canada, will acquire Lanla, a provider of marketing research services in Canada. Lanla provides cutting-edge solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. They provide services for surveys, mystery shoppers, brand identity, digital marketing, and more.
buyer: ATW Tech Inc (TSXV:ATW:$1.26)
ATW Tech is a leading provider of interactive communication and monetization solutions in Canada. ATW Tech provides a suite of AI-powered customer experience solutions. They offer solutions for customer feedback analysis, digital voting and interactive telecommunication. "
target: Lanla
Lanla is a provider of marketing research services in Canada. Lanla is dedicated to providing cutting-edge business solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. They provide services for surveys, mystery shoppers, brand identity, digital marketing, and more.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
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closed 4/5/2024 via BusinessWire

CloudFlare, Inc., acquired Baselime

synopsis: Cloudflare, Inc., the leading connectivity cloud company, announced an entrance into the observability market with the acquisition of Baselime, the cloud-native observability platform.
closed 4/5/2024 via Company Press Release

Aspire Software, acquired WeSuite

synopsis: Aspire Software is pleased to announce the acquisition of WeSuite, an industry leader in sales management software solutions tailored for the security and technology services sectors.
closed 4/5/2024 via Company Press Release

Omron, acquired Luscii

synopsis: OMRON Healthcare, Co., Ltd., a global leader in the field of innovative medical equipment for home health monitoring and treatment, has acquired Netherlands-based Luscii Healthtech, a fast-growing scale-up in the field of digital health and remote consultation service platforms.
closed 4/4/2024 via GlobeNewswire

MBuy merged with AudienceX,

synopsis: AudienceX, an AI-enabled programmatic advertising partner, has acquired and merged with MBuy from Mediaocean, a mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising. MBuy is a leading every-channel media buying and optimization partner. MBuy provides media planning, buying & optimization services across all digital & traditional media channels.
closed 4/4/2024 via BNC Analysis

Textshuttle merged with Supertext AG,

synopsis: Textshuttle has merged with Supertext, an online copywriting and translation agency based in Switzerland. Textshuttle is a leading AI translation company in Switzerland. Textshuttle enables businesses to optimise content and communicate better. Their online platform allows users to easily and quickly translate their message into over 20 languages.
closed 4/4/2024 via Company Press Release

PairSoft, acquired APRO Software Solutions

synopsis: PairSoft has acquired Netherlands-based APRO Software Solutions, a trailblazer in financial automation software tightly integrated with Oracle Financials platforms. The combination creates a global P2P, Order-to-Cash, and bank integration platform serving 1,700+ organizations across a diverse set of ERP systems.
closed 4/4/2024 via BNC Analysis

GetBusy, acquired SmartPath

synopsis: GetBusy, a provider of productivity software solutions in the UK, has acquired SmartPath, a pricing intelligence and revenue optimisation platform tailored for the accounting industry. SmartPath enables modern tax firms to quote better fees. Their pricing engine recommends the perfect price for any tax or accounting client, in seconds.
closed 4/4/2024 via PR Newswire

Timescale Inc., acquired PopSQL, Inc.

synopsis: Timescale, the cloud database company, announced it has acquired PopSQL, the modern SQL editor, collaboration, and visualization tool for developers and data teams. With this acquisition, Timescale customers can now query their databases entirely in a browser or a desktop app.
closed 4/4/2024 via BusinessWire

CData Software, acquired Data Virtuality

synopsis: CData Software, a leading provider of data connectivity solutions, announced the acquisition of Data Virtuality, a global provider of data integration and management solutions.
announced 4/4/2024 via Yahoo, Inc.

Crowe, will acquire ITR Economics

synopsis: Crowe LLP, a public accounting, consulting and technology firm in the U.S. with offices around the world, has entered into an agreement with ITR Economics, the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the U.S., for the ITR team to become part of Crowe.
announced 4/4/2024 via BusinessWire

Datastax, will acquire Langflow

synopsis: DataStax, the Generative AI data company, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AI startup, Logspace, the creators of Langflow, a popular, open source visual framework for building retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications.
announced 4/4/2024 via BusinessWire

Once For All, will acquire Nalanda

synopsis: Once For All, a European leader in supply chain compliance and sustainable sourcing solutions for the built environment, announced the acquisition of Nalanda Global, a leading supply chain risk and compliance management software platform in Spain.
announced 4/4/2024 via Company Press Release

NV5 Global, Inc., will acquire GIS Solutions, Inc.

synopsis: NV5 Global, Inc., a provider of technology, conformity assessment, and consulting solutions, will acquire GIS Solutions, Inc., a full range provider of enterprise geographic information system (GIS) technologies and services including GIS application development, cloud-based database design, data science, and project management.
announced 4/4/2024 via PR Newswire

Shield AI, will acquire Sentient Vision Systems

synopsis: Shield AI, Inc., the defense technology company building the world's best AI pilot, will acquire Sentient Vision Systems (Sentient), an Australia-based leader in AI-enabled real-time situational awareness. Sentient Vision Systems specializes in passive, optical detection using wide area motion imagery.
closed 4/4/2024 via BusinessWire

SolarEdge, acquired Wevo Energy Ltd.

synopsis: SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technology, has acquired Wevo Energy, a global provider of EV charging optimization and management software. Wevo provides a cloud based, AI powered platform that enables charge point operators and building owners to manage EV charging at apartment complexes, workplaces, and commercial properties.
closed 4/4/2024 via BusinessWire

NeuroStreet, acquired Tickblaze LLC

synopsis: NeuroStreet, a global fintech and trading education leader, has acquired TickBlaze, a hybrid trading platform. Tickblaze aims to become the world’s #1 multi-asset trading platform and community for retail traders and quants. Their platform provides innovative tools that enable traders to develop and execute sophisticated strategies effectively.
closed 4/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Archer & Hound Advertising, acquired Butler Branding, LLC

synopsis: Archer & Hound, a creative marketing agency, has acquired Butler Branding, a marketing agency that help brands communicate the right message to the right people. Butler Branding enables brands to stand out and get noticed. They offer services for brand strategy, brand identity, web design, social media, SEO, and more.
closed 4/3/2024 via BusinessWire

Intellias, acquired C2 Solutions

synopsis: Intellias, a global software engineering and digital consulting company, has acquired C2 Solutions, a technology services and product lifecycle management firm. C2 Solutions helps businesses to build the right products. They offer services for development & integration, information architecture & data insights, and firmware & software engineering.
closed 4/3/2024 via BusinessWire

Curtiss-Wright Corporation, acquired WSC, Inc.

synopsis: Curtiss-Wright Corporation has acquired WSC, Inc. Based in Maryland, WSC is a leading provider of state-of-the-art simulation technology that supports the design, commissioning, and reliable operation of commercial nuclear power generation and process plants worldwide with an installed base of over 225 plant simulators.
announced 3/30/2024 via BNC Analysis

361° Minds, will acquire ICE Gate Educational Institute Private Limited

synopsis: 361º Minds, a digital education company in India, will acquire a 73.5% stake in ICE Gate institute from CL Educate, India’s leading education services provider. ICE Gate institute is a coaching centre for exam preparation in India. ICE Gate institute offers classroom and correspondence programs that help students to prepare for the GATE exam.
buyer: 361° Minds
361º Minds is a research-oriented learning & digital education company in India. 361º Minds delivers solutions for for corporates, governments, academic service providers and universities/colleges. They offer programs for business administration, HR, financial management, marketing, and more. "
target parent: CL Educate Limited
target: ICE Gate Educational Institute Private Limited
ICE Gate institute is a coaching centre for competitive exam preparation in India. ICE Gate institute offers classroom and correspondence programs that help students to prepare for the GATE exam. They also offer online lectures and mock tests.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 3/29/2024 via BusinessWire

Blue Yonder Group, Inc., will acquire One Network Enterprises, Inc.

synopsis: Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain transformations, is to acquire One Network Enterprises (ONE), a leading global provider of intelligent control towers and the Digital Supply Chain Network™.
closed 3/29/2024 via BusinessWire

Yahoo! Inc., acquired Artifact News

synopsis: Yahoo has acquired Artifact, the AI-driven news aggregation and discovery platform created by Instagram cofounders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Artifact's proprietary AI-powered personalization technology and other features will be integrated across Yahoo, including the Yahoo News app.
closed 3/29/2024 via BNC Analysis

ZiGExN Co., Ltd., acquired Minaoshi

synopsis: ZIGExN, a Japanese company engaged in the life media platform business, has acquired Minaoshi, a review site for B2B services in Japan. Minaoshi provides reviews for B2B services from real people in various jobs and positions. They offer reviews for various services, including marketing, IT, back office, staffing, sales support, and more.
closed 3/29/2024 via BNC Analysis

Seiha English Academy, acquired Kanda Gaigo Kids Club

synopsis: Seiha English Academy, a provider of English language learning services in Japan, has acquired Kanda Gaigo Kids Club from Kanda Gaigo Group, a provider of foreign language learning services in Japan. Kanda Gaigo Kids Club is a foreign language school in Japan that teaches kids from nursery school to 6th grade how to read, speak, and write English.
closed 3/29/2024 via Company Press Release

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., acquired Cocolable Co., Ltd.

synopsis: Toppan Co., Ltd., a Japanese printing company, has acquired Cocolable Co., Ltd., a Japanese marketing company. Cocolable helps businesses and brands to promote their products and services. They provide services for SNS marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. They also offer services for Amazon consulting, SEO, and advertising.
closed 3/28/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Comprise Inc., acquired VisiTech PR

synopsis: Comprise, a results-driven communications agency, has acquired VisiTech PR, a leader in technology public relations. VisiTech PR specializes in BtoB marketing for mid to large size high-tech clients. They offer services for PR, communications, social media, content marketing, and SEO.
closed 3/28/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Landing Platform, LLC., acquired Barsala

synopsis: Landing, a membership-based network that is reinventing apartment rentals, has acquired Barsala, a leading tech-enabled flexible housing operator. Barsala enables travelers to find and book accommodations through their website and app. Their hand picked high-end homes features all of the conveniences of a home plus fantastic hotel-style amenities.
closed 3/28/2024 via BNC Analysis

Axcel Learning, acquired KMK Optometry

synopsis: Axcel Learning, a NYC-based professional education company backed by Alpine Investors, has announced the acquisition of KMK Optometry, a leading provider of comprehensive optometry board exam preparation and coaching services. KMK was founded in 2005 by Kyle Cheatham and Melissa Cheatham.
announced 3/28/2024 via PR Web

LatentView Analytics, will acquire Decision Point Private Limited

synopsis: LatentView Analytics Limited, a global digital analytics consulting and solutions firm, will acquire Decision Point. Established in 2012, Decision Point is a leader in AI-led Business Transformation and Revenue Growth Management (RGM) solutions with 300+ employees worldwide.
announced 3/28/2024 via BNC Analysis

fonfun corporation, will acquire ZeroOne inc.

synopsis: fonfun, a Japanese company that develops and provides internet-based services for mobile phones and computers, will acquire ZeroOne, a no-code, AI-powered development platform in Japan. ZeroOne provides an API-first, cloud-based development platform that enables businesses in various industries to easily create advanced products and business apps.
closed 3/28/2024 via PR Newswire

Wonderschool, acquired EarlyDay

synopsis: Wonderschool, the innovative child care platform, announced the acquisition of EarlyDay, a VC-backed early childhood career marketplace, to help early educators address staffing challenges and reduce administrative burnout in child care.
closed 3/28/2024 via Company Press Release

Descartes Systems Group Inc., acquired OCR Services, Inc.

synopsis: Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has acquired OCR Services, Inc., a leading provider of global trade management software and solutions. OCR’s web-based platform streamlines the global trade compliance process for small, medium sized, and Fortune 500 companies.
announced 3/28/2024 via BusinessWire

Exclusive Networks Group, will acquire NEXTGEN Group Pty Limited

synopsis: Exclusive Networks, a global leader in cybersecurity, will acquire Sydney-based NEXTGEN Group, a leading hyper-growth channel services company focused on cybersecurity, data resiliency and digital enterprise in Australia and New Zealand with presence across APAC.
announced 3/28/2024 via BusinessWire

Resources Global Professionals, will acquire Reference Point LLC

synopsis: Resources Connection, Inc., a global consulting firm formerly known as Resources Global Professionals, is to acquire Reference Point, a strategy, management, and technology consulting firm serving the financial services sector across four areas of focus: Strategy & Management, Risk & Regulatory Compliance, Digital & Technology and Data & Analytics.
closed 3/28/2024 via BusinessWire

ChowNow, acquired Cuboh

synopsis: ChowNow, the leading online ordering and marketing platform for independent restaurants, has acquired Cuboh, a Canadian startup specializing in streamlining online orders for the restaurant industry. The acquisition enhances ChowNow's suite of digital tools, further empowering independent restaurants to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.
closed 3/27/2024 via BNC Analysis

Netigate AB, acquired Lumoa

synopsis: Netigate, a European leader in experience management solutions, announced the acquisition of Lumoa, the first customer experience platform to offer Generative AI technology. This strategic move unites two leading European innovators who are committed to bringing the voices of customers and employees to the core of business decision-making.
closed 3/27/2024 via BNC Analysis

TheSmartLocal Media Group, acquired X10 Media Pte. Ltd.

synopsis: TheSmartLocal Media Group (TSL Media Group), Singapore’s leading new media publishing group, has acquired X10 Media, an influencer marketing agency based in Singapore. X10 Media helps businesses to amplify their brand with the power of influence. They offer a diverse network of influencers for food, beauty, tech, fitness, family, gaming, and more.
closed 3/27/2024 via Company Press Release

Ride Shotgun, acquired Volume Group Ltd.

synopsis: Ride Shotgun, a brand activation and creative content agency, has completed the acquisition of Volume Group, an award winning agency group made up of global B2B Marketing Agency Volume, and leading People Performance and Learning and Development specialist, Shine.
closed 3/27/2024 via BNC Analysis

Dialogue, acquired Koble Care Inc.

synopsis: Dialogue Health Technologies Inc., Canada's premier virtual healthcare and wellness platform, has acquired the assets of Toronto-based Koble Care Inc., a digital health and well-being platform supporting women's health. The purchase includes Koble's entire suite of proprietary content, and related software and intellectual property.

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