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closed 8/12/2015 via BusinessWire

Intelius, Inc., acquired Classmates, Inc.

synopsis: Intelius Holdings, Inc., a portfolio company of H.I.G. Capital, announced that it has completed a strategic investment in Classmates, Inc. Classmates operates the leading online high school reconnection social network in the United States.
buyer parent: H.I.G. Capital
buyer: Intelius, Inc.
Intelius is an information commerce company founded in 2003 that has become a leader in online people data, delivering comprehensive information about individuals, their histories and their connections to others. "
target parent: United Online, Inc.
target: Classmates, Inc.
Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Classmates operates the leading online social network service in the United States for bringing high school alumni together. Classmates serves over 70 million members and enables its users to find and reconnect with high school friends.
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secondary school yearbook

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Classmates, Inc.

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