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announced 5/20/2024 via BusinessWire

AST Corporation, will acquire Symatrix Limited

synopsis: Applications Software Technology (AST), a leading digital transformation solutions provider, will acquire Symatrix, a leading IT and Oracle services provider in the UK. Symatrix brings an established UK customer base that strengthens AST’s vertical expertise across numerous industries and provides a platform to further expand in emerging sectors.
buyer: AST Corporation
Applications Software Technology (AST) is an award-winning, full-service enterprise solution provider, guiding digital transformation for clients in the government and commercial sectors for more than two decades. "
target: Symatrix Limited
Symatrix is a United Kingdom based Oracle HCM, ERP and Supply Chain Management (SCM) cloud consulting, application management and outsourced payroll provider. Symatrix works with public sector and commercial clients to innovatively help unlock the endless and exciting possibilities of Oracle Cloud.
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announced 5/20/2024 via BusinessWire

Alicorn, will acquire Glassbox

synopsis: Alicorn Venture Partners, a British venture capital firm, will acquire UK-based Glassbox, the premier provider of AI-fueled customer intelligence solutions. The investment positions Glassbox to drive category-defining innovation and sustainable growth on its path to revolutionizing how companies engage and connect with their customers online.
announced 5/20/2024 via BusinessWire

Bumble Inc., will acquire Geneva Technologies, Inc.

synopsis: Bumble Inc., parent company of Badoo and Bumble, two of the world’s largest dating and connection apps with millions of users globally, announced its intention to acquire Geneva, the group and community app for people to connect based on shared interests.
announced 5/20/2024 via Company Press Release

CyberArk, will acquire Venafi, Inc.

synopsis: CyberArk, the identity security company, will acquire Venafi, a leader in machine identity management, from Thoma Bravo. This acquisition will combine Venafi’s best-in-class machine identity management capabilities with CyberArk’s leading identity security capabilities to establish a unified platform for end-to-end machine identity security.
closed 5/20/2024 via BusinessWire

Centivo Corporation, acquired Eden Health, Inc.

synopsis: Centivo, a pioneering healthcare company built to make quality healthcare more affordable for employers and their employees, announced the acquisition of Eden Health, an employer-centered virtual-first medical provider.
closed 5/20/2024 via BusinessWire

Accenture, acquired Cognosante, Inc.

synopsis: Accenture Federal Services has acquired Cognosante, a mission-driven provider of digital transformation and cloud modernization solutions for federal health, defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies.
closed 5/17/2024 via BNC Analysis

Niyogin Fintech Ltd., acquired SuperScan

synopsis: Niyogin, a neo-banking platform in India, has acquired SuperScan from Orbo, a provider of AI beauty tech solutions in India. SuperScan is an AI-powered document imaging, automation, and fraud detection platform in India. SuperScan automates manual processes to boost efficiency. The platform improves OCR accuracy and makes documents legible again.
buyer: Niyogin Fintech Ltd. (BSE:538772:$2.40)
Niyogin is a fully integrated neo-banking platform in India. Niyogin provides loans to small businesses. Their mission is to give small businesses access to a holistic support system that is cost-efficient through innovative technology and a committed network of partners. "
target parent:
target: SuperScan
SuperScan is an AI-powered document imaging, automation, and fraud detection platform in India. SuperScan automates traditionally manual processes to boost efficiency and accuracy. The platform improves optical character recognition (OCR) accuracy and makes documents legible again.
price ($mm)
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closed 5/16/2024 via BNC Analysis

Paritee AS, acquired DVA - Creative Technology Studio

synopsis: Paritee, the Scandinavian-based holding company that owns Brands2Life and Geelmuyden Kiese Group, has acquired Swedish agency DVA Creative Technology Studio.DVA was founded in 2017 to support brands in an increasingly competitive media landscape, with a focus on combining communications and new technology including XR and AI to create digital work.
closed 5/16/2024 via PR Newswire

Level Agency, acquired WebMechanix

synopsis: Level Agency, the Pittsburgh-based performance marketing agency backed by private equity sponsor Dubin Clark, has acquired WebMechanix, a leading digital marketing agency known for its expert handling of B2B, SaaS, and financial services clients.
closed 5/16/2024 via PR Newswire

Randstad Holding NV, acquired Torc, LLC

synopsis: Randstad NV, the world's leading talent company announces that Randstad Digital has acquired Torc - a next-generation AI-powered talent marketplace platform with more than 25,000 digital talent enrolled worldwide, with a specific current emphasis on LATAM, the US & India.
announced 5/16/2024 via BusinessWire

Blackstone Group LP, will acquire Priority Software Ltd.

synopsis: Blackstone will acquire a majority stake in Priority Software, a leading provider of mission-critical business software. Based in Israel, Priority Software offers robust business applications and ERP solutions across various industries, enhancing business management through innovative, cloud-based applications.
announced 5/16/2024 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire Open Stream, Inc.

synopsis: Accenture is to acquire OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS and its subsidiaries, Open Stream and Neutral. Open Stream provides consulting and systems integration services, including cloud, AI, IoT and cybersecurity, for logistics and retail industries. Neutral specializes in system integration in the automotive and the manufacturing industries.
closed 5/16/2024 via BusinessWire

Abt Global, acquired TSPi

synopsis: Abt Global, a mission-driven ​consulting and research firm, has acquired TSPi, a company that delivers modern data-led IT transformation. TSPi designs and implements IT solutions that improve efficiency and accelerate customer success. They provide services for digital transformation, cloud, cybersecurity, RPA, GIS development, and more.
closed 5/16/2024 via BusinessWire

xSuite, acquired tangro

synopsis: xSuite Group, a globally leading software provider in the field of Accounts Payable Invoice Automation (APIA), acquired tangro, a specialist in Inbound Document Management Software based in Heidelberg, Germany.
closed 5/16/2024 via BNC Analysis

Histria Books, acquired Top of the World Publishing

synopsis: Histria Books, a leading independent publishing house, announced the acquisition of Top of the World Publishing, LLC, including its imprints Untreed Reads, eLectio Publishing, Uncial Press, Cupid’s Quill, and Novus Mundi.
closed 5/16/2024 via Yahoo, Inc.

Ipsos S.A, acquired Crownit

synopsis: Ipsos, one of the world's leading market research companies, announced the acquisition of Crownit, a company that provides a mobile and online panel and data collection platform, giving access to India’s largest community of consumers across 40 cities.
closed 5/16/2024 via Company Press Release

SurePoint, acquired Leopard Solutions

synopsis: SurePoint Technologies, the leading provider of innovative legal software solutions for mid-sized law firms, announces the strategic acquisition of Leopard Solutions, a trusted leader in legal business intelligence and analytics solutions.
closed 5/15/2024 via BNC Analysis

DirectMail2.0, acquired Who's Mailing What!

synopsis: DirectMail2.0, a cloud-based direct mail marketing platform, has acquired Who’s Mailing What! (WMW), a direct mail performance and insights tracking platform. WMW offers most comprehensive database of direct mail examples. Their platform provides information on hundreds of thousands of direct mail packages.
closed 5/15/2024 via Company Press Release

Zone & Co, acquired Solution 7 Ltd

synopsis: Zone & Co, the leading provider of ERP-native software solutions for the CFO’s office, announced the acquisition of UK-based Solution 7, the creator of an award-winning financial reporting solution built with full drill down and drill back capabilities, from live ERP data into Microsoft Excel.
closed 5/15/2024 via BNC Analysis

Chimp&z Inc., acquired Yellophant Digital

synopsis: Chimp&z, a leading digital marketing agency in India, has acquired Yellophant Digital, an ROI focused digital agency in India. Yellophant creates purposeful work that works for their client's audience and business. They provide services for SEO, social media marketing, online reputation management, influencer marketing, PR, branding, and more.
closed 5/15/2024 via BNC Analysis

The Ameriflex Group, Inc., acquired The W Source, Inc.

synopsis: The AmeriFlex Group, a Las Vegas-based advisor-owned hybrid registered investment advisor, announced that it has acquired W Source, a women-to-women networking and support platform. California-based W Source has a nationwide network of chapters led by female financial advisors interested in building professional support communities.
closed 5/15/2024 via PR Newswire

PlanetPlay, acquired PlayMob Limited

synopsis: PlanetPlay, which is bringing the games industry and players together to fight climate change, has acquired video games market insights specialist Playmob. London-based Playmob reaches billions of people by engaging them with games that entertain, education and excite, to learn what they care about and value.
closed 5/15/2024 via Yahoo, Inc.

JT Smith, acquired

synopsis: Jacob Andersen, the founder of, a leading child safety platform, has successfully sold the company to internet safety veteran JT Smith in a deal that underscores the market value of safe digital environments for children. offers robust tools for parents to monitor and control their children's online communication.
closed 5/15/2024 via PR Newswire

IRIS Software Group Limited, acquired SwipeClock LLC

synopsis: IRIS Software Group (IRIS), a leading global software provider of accounting and payroll solutions, has acquired Swipeclock, a U.S. technology leader in small and medium sized business workforce management solutions through its cloud platforms, WorkforceHub and ApplicantStack.
closed 5/15/2024 via GlobeNewswire

SPS Commerce, Inc., acquired Traverse Systems LLC

synopsis: SPS Commerce, Inc., a leader in retail supply chain cloud services, has acquired Traverse Systems, a provider of supply chain solutions. Traverse Systems provides retailers with a unified view of their supply chain performance. Their SaaS platform aggregates data from disparate systems to drive a unified understanding of the entire supply chain.
announced 5/15/2024 via BNC Analysis

VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc., will acquire Item.Bet Corporation

synopsis: VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc., a provider of entertainment solutions, will acquire a 52% stake in Item.Bet, a provider of proprietary software tailored for esports. Item.Bet specializes in software for esports and blockchain technology. Their advanced software and proprietary virtual tokens are used to revolutionize gaming experiences.
announced 5/10/2024 via BNC Analysis

Shift4 Payments, will acquire Revel Systems

synopsis: Shift4, a leading provider of integrated payment and technology solutions, will acquire Revel Systems, a cloud-based POS system for restaurants and retailers. Revel Systems provides a flexible POS system that enables businesses to serve customers from anywhere. They also provide solutions for inventory management, enterprise management, and more.
buyer: Shift4 Payments (FOUR:$2,564.80)
Shift4 is boldly redefining commerce by simplifying complex payments ecosystems across the world. As the leader in commerce-enabling technology, Shift4 powers billions of transactions annually for hundreds of thousands of businesses in virtually every industry. "
target: Revel Systems
Revel Systems is a cloud-based POS system for restaurants and retailers. Revel Systems provides a flexible POS system that enables businesses to serve customers from anywhere and increase speed of service. They also provide solutions for inventory management, enterprise management, and more.
price ($mm)
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EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 5/9/2024 via Company Press Release

Ateam Inc., will acquire MicroCMS Co., Ltd.

synopsis: Ateam, a provider of mobile content and websites in Japan, will acquire MicroCMS, an API-based headless content management system (CMS) in Japan. MicroCMS provides an intuitive management screen that allows anyone to easily edit content. It also features tools for reserved publishing, edit history management, and content previews.
announced 5/9/2024 via BusinessWire

Access Group, will acquire The Lightyear Corporation Ltd

synopsis: The Access Group, a leading provider of business management software to mid-market organizations in the UK, Ireland, the US and Asia Pacific, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Lightyear, a leading provider of finance automation solutions.
closed 5/9/2024 via BusinessWire

AppDirect, acquired Builtfirst

synopsis: AppDirect, the world’s leading B2B commerce platform, has acquired Builtfirst, a leader in self-service marketplace platform technology. Adding the Builtfirst platform into AppDirect’s suite of solutions further expands AppDirect’s ability to help companies with their marketplace needs, becoming the single source destination for marketplaces.
closed 5/9/2024 via PR Newswire

CliftonLarsonAllen, acquired Engine B Limited

synopsis: CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), the eighth-largest accounting firm in the United States, has announced its acquisition of Engine B, a next-generation AI-driven, UK-based technology company that specializes in delivering generative AI solutions for the professional services industry.
closed 5/9/2024 via PR Newswire

Reveald, acquired rThreat Inc.

synopsis: Reveald, an industry founder of Continuous Threat Exposure Management, has expanded its capabilities by acquiring rThreat and creating the Epiphany Validation Engine (EVE) to enhance AI-driven cyber resilience. rThreat is a cloud-based SaaS solution that challenges cyber defenses using real-world and custom threats in a secure environment.
closed 5/8/2024 via Company Press Release

Overwolf, acquired NitroPay

synopsis: Overwolf, the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, share, and monetize in-game apps, mods, and private servers, announced the acquisition of NitroPay (rebranding to "Nitro"), a gaming ad tech company that helps website publishers monetize their site traffic and maximize ad revenue.
closed 5/8/2024 via BusinessWire

Boomi, purchased API Control Plane from Apiida AG

synopsis: Boomi, the intelligent integration and automation leader, has acquired APIIDA’s federated API management business. Based in Germany, APIIDA’s federated API management solution, API Control Plane, allows enterprises to discover, govern, and provision APIs from one central place, including APIs managed through gateways from various vendors.
closed 5/8/2024 via BusinessWire

Boomi, purchased API management assets from Cloud Software Group

synopsis: Boomi, the intelligent integration and automation leader, has acquired API management assets from Cloud Software Group. These assets will enable the Boomi Enterprise Platform to support even the most demanding API management performance and security requirements in markets markets such as travel, retail, tech, finance, and healthcare.
closed 5/8/2024 via Company Press Release

WEX Inc., acquired Sawatch Labs

synopsis: WEX, the global commerce platform that simplifies the business of running a business, announced it acquired Sawatch Labs, a Colorado-based startup founded in 2017 focused on developing fleet electrification analytics software.
closed 5/8/2024 via GlobeNewswire

C3 Team, acquired Linchpin Sales Interactive

synopsis: Forward Solutions has acquired Linchpin Sales Interactive, a successful company that specializes in B2B marketing services spanning a variety of industries. Linchpin will seamlessly integrate into the C3 Team division within Forward Solutions, further solidifying their dedication to leveraging marketing as a catalyst for sales growth.
closed 5/8/2024 via BNC Analysis

Armoza Formats, acquired Armoza Formats

synopsis: Avi Armoza, the Founder of Armoza Formats, has acquired the company back from ITV Studios, the UK's biggest production company. Armoza Formats is an Israeli content development and distribution company dedicated to television and new-media formats. Their shows span across all genres, including reality, game shows, comedy, and more.
closed 5/8/2024 via BNC Analysis

Paxton Media Group, acquired Kernersville News

synopsis: Meredith Owensby Harrell has sold Carter Publishing Co., Inc. d/b/a Kernersville (North Carolina) News to Paxton Media Group. The Kernersville News is a newspaper established in 1938 that publishes three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday/Sunday (weekend edition).
closed 5/8/2024 via Company Press Release

TELUS Corporation, acquired Vumetric Inc.

synopsis: TELUS Corporation, a world-leading communications technology leader, announced the successful acquisition of Vumetric, a leading cybersecurity provider specializing in advanced penetration testing designed to identify cyber vulnerabilities and threats to companies across Canada and North America.
closed 5/8/2024 via BNC Analysis

Magnify Staffing Services, acquired HuntSource, LLC

synopsis: Magnify, a premier staffing partner, has acquired HuntSource, a staffing firm that specializes in cyber and information security staffing. HuntSource arms businesses with the highest quality talent needed to effectively combat the various security risks that threaten them. They offer executive search, direct hire, and retained search services.
closed 5/8/2024 via BNC Analysis

Joppy, acquired Rviewer

synopsis: The Spanish platform in Tech Recruiting joppy has acquired several assets from its competitor Rviewer. Barcelona-based Rviewer is the smart new tech skills screening solution that makes it fast and easy to evaluate developer skills. With Rviewer, companies quickly narrow down their pool of candidates to the ones who are the right skills match.
closed 5/8/2024 via PR Newswire

Hexaware Technologies, acquired Softcrylic

synopsis: Hexaware Technologies, a leading global provider of digital solutions, has acquired Softcrylic, a premier data consulting firm. The acquisition bolsters Hexaware's data and analytics capabilities, enabling the company to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services to drive marketing and customer journeys through data and technology.
closed 5/8/2024 via Company Press Release

Teser Group AB, acquired

synopsis: Teser Group, Northern Europe's most popular food and meeting operator, has acquired from Verdane, a specialist growth investment firm in Norway. is a B2B food delivery service in Sweden. They offer cuisine from around 100 restaurants and bakeries with everything for breakfast, lunch, coffee and catering.
closed 5/8/2024 via PR Newswire

Ness Digital Engineering, acquired Intricity

synopsis: Ness Digital Engineering, a global full-lifecycle digital services transformation company, has acquired Intricity, a leading provider of data strategy, governance, modernization, and monetization solutions.
closed 5/8/2024 via BNC Analysis

Viral Tribe, acquired Soho Radio

synopsis: Viral Tribe Entertainment, a next-generation British podcasting business, has acquired Soho Radio and its podcasting business SRP Studios. Broadcasting live from its studios in London and New York, Soho Radio is an online radio station that produces more than 250 shows a month.
announced 5/3/2024 via BNC Analysis

Ugro Capital, will acquire MyShubhLife

synopsis: Ugro Capital, a small business lending fintech platform in India, will acquire MyShubhLife, India’s largest embedded finance and personal loan platform. MyShubhLife makes it possible to offer credit to the underserved market segments. Their mobile app offers solutions for personal loans, insurance products, mutual funds, bill payments, and more.
buyer: Ugro Capital (BSE:511742:$40.12)
Ugro Capital is a small business lending fintech platform in India. Ugro Capital uses its strong distribution reach and data-tech methodology to solve the small business credit gap in India. They offer services for secured business loans, unsecured business loans, plant & machinery loans, and more. "
target: MyShubhLife
MyShubhLife is India’s largest embedded finance and personal loan platform. MyShubhLife makes it possible to offer credit to the underserved market segments. Their mobile app offers solutions for personal loans, custom insurance products, mutual fund investments, bill payments, and more.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 5/3/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Kelly Services, Inc., will acquire Motion Recruitment Partners LLC

synopsis: Kelly, a leading global specialty talent solutions provider, will acquire Motion Recruitment Partners, LLC from Littlejohn & Co., LLC, a private investment firm. Motion Recruitment Partners is the parent company to a group of leading global talent solution providers. They provide IT staffing & managed solutions for contract and direct hire needs.
closed 5/3/2024 via BusinessWire

Firstsource Solutions Limited, acquired Quintessence Business Solutions & Services

synopsis: Firstsource Solutions Limited, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) services and an RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group company, has acquired Quintessence Business Solutions & Services Private Limited, an India-based leader in outsourced revenue cycle management (RCM) services and technology.
closed 5/3/2024 via Company Press Release

Trophy Games, purchased Mobile Games Portfolio from Tivola Games GmbH

synopsis: Trophy Games, a Denmark-based game studio, has acquired Tivola Games' mobile games portfolio. Tivola is an international publisher and developer of mobile games. Their mobile games portfolio comprises the company´s game titles that are based on a free-to-play model. It includes over 20 titles centered around themes such as horses, cats, and dogs.
closed 5/2/2024 via BusinessWire

Metro Sign, acquired ViewPoint Sign & Awning

synopsis: Metro Sign & Awning, a leading provider of custom signage solutions, has acquired ViewPoint Sign & Awning, a highly respected signage company known for its innovation and reliability. By merging resources, expertise, and market reach, Metro Sign & Awning aims to provide enhanced and innovative sign solutions to its clientele.
closed 5/2/2024 via Company Press Release

SmartCraft, acquired clixifix Limited

synopsis: SmartCraft, a Nordic provider of software solutions for craftsmen and the construction industry, has acquired clixifix, a property and construction technology company in the UK. clixifix is a SaaS platform for home builders that simplifies customer care and empowers aftercare teams to deliver more efficient defect management and repair services.
closed 5/2/2024 via Company Press Release

Guesty, acquired Rentals United

synopsis: Guesty has acquired Barcelona-based Rentals United, a cloud-based, top-grade platform for channel management. This acquisition combines two best-in-class software providers in the short-term rental space to create a robust offering that is unmatched in the industry and opens up new revenue opportunities for property managers.
closed 5/2/2024 via Company Press Release

Woodsafe Group, acquired Designtech Solutions AB

synopsis: Västerås-based Woodsafe Group's research company WRD acquires Designtech Solutions AB in Luleå. Designtech Solutions is an IT company founded in 1999 with its own products and services for document and project management.
closed 5/2/2024 via GlobeNewswire

Intapp, Inc., acquired Transform Data International BV

synopsis: Intapp, a leading global provider of AI-powered software for professionals at advisory, legal, and capital markets firms, announced that it has acquired Transform Data International (TDI). TDI is exclusively focused on delivering easy-to-use digital workplaces, based on Microsoft 365 applications, for professional services firms.
closed 5/2/2024 via PR Newswire

Drata, acquired oak9

synopsis: Drata, the leading compliance automation platform, announced that it has acquired oak9, a cloud native security platform, and released a new capability in beta to seamlessly bring continuous compliance into the software development lifecycle.
closed 5/2/2024 via PR Newswire

Cin7, acquired Inventoro

synopsis: Cin7, the industry-leading inventory and order management software provider, acquired Inventoro, a leading provider of AI-driven sales forecasting and replenishment optimization solutions. nventoro's system is powered by advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence, which means it can learn and adapt to unique business needs.
closed 5/2/2024 via BusinessWire

Ephicacy, acquired Advance Research Associates

synopsis: Ephicacy Consulting Group, Inc., a leading biometrics Contract Research Organization, has acquired Advance Research Associates, a provider of data management and biostatistical consulting services for clinical trials.
announced 5/2/2024 via PR Newswire

Permira, will acquire BioCatch

synopsis: Permira, a global investment firm, will acquire a majority stake in BioCatch, the global leader in behavioral biometrics. BioCatch helps the world's largest banks and financial institutions to combat fraud. Their digital fraud, anti-money laundering, and impersonation detection solution proactively detects and identifies fraudulent activities.
announced 5/2/2024 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire SOKO

synopsis: Accenture has agreed to acquire SOKO, an independent Brazilian creative agency that—by blending creativity, data and a comprehensive understanding of culture—develops brand stories with deep impact in the industry and in society.
announced 5/2/2024 via BNC Analysis

Freshworks Inc., will acquire Device42

synopsis: Freshworks, a provider of customer engagement software, will acquire Device42, a comprehensive discovery system for Hybrid IT. Device42 discovers and maps infrastructure and applications across data centers and cloud, providing accurate views of IT ecosystems. The platform helps businesses to manage and modernize their IT infrastructure.
announced 5/2/2024 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire Parsionate

synopsis: Accenture has agreed to acquire Parsionate, a data consultancy specialized in data products and modern data foundation services, ranging from data strategy development to technology implementation.
announced 5/2/2024 via Company Press Release

RightsLine, Inc., will acquire FilmTrack, Inc.

synopsis: Rightsline, a global leader in rights and royalties management solutions, will purchase FilmTrack from City National Bank.  Founded in 1996 to assist entertainment companies in managing their intellectual property, FilmTrack provides end-to-end SaaS solutions to assist entertainment companies in managing their intellectual property.
announced 5/2/2024 via PR Newswire

Shutterstock, Inc., will acquire Envato Pty Ltd.

synopsis: Shutterstock, a leading global creative platform, will acquire Envato, a global leader in digital creative assets and templates. Envato enables millions of people around the world to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates and learn creative skills. They offer ready-to-use design templates, stock videos, graphics, photos, and more.
announced 5/2/2024 via PR Newswire

Vitrolife Group, will acquire eFertility

synopsis: Vitrolife Group, a global provider of medical devices and genetic testing services, will acquire eFertility, a system and software company in the Netherlands. eFertility transforms IVF clinic management with its cutting-edge solutions. They offer eWitness, a system for tracking and tracing the IVF procedure; and eBase, a specialised EMR solution.
announced 5/1/2024 via Yahoo, Inc.

Xcyte Digital, will acquire

synopsis:  Xcyte Digital Corp., a spatial computing event technology aggregator and developer providing a high value, cost-effective, multi-platform subscription service to host online virtual and immersive events, will acquire, a modern, feature-rich platform that simplifies the hosting and management of webinars.

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