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Ingenico Group, acquired Phos

synopsis: Ingenico, the global leader in payments acceptance solutions, has acquired Bulgaria-based Phos, a leading provider of software-only Point of Sale solutions (SoftPoS). Phos is a premier player in the fast-evolving SoftPoS space, providing best-in-class highly flexible solutions to a large number of acquirers and payment service providers.
buyer parent: Apollo Global Management
buyer: Ingenico Group (ENXTPA:ING:$3,337.79)
Ingenico is the global leader in payments acceptance solutions. As the trusted technology partner for 1,000+ banks, acquirers, ISVs, payment aggregators and fintech customers, Ingenico's world-class terminals, solutions and services enable the global ecosystem of payments acceptance. "
target: Phos
Based in Bulgaria, Phos has developed a software-only Point of Sale (SoftPoS) orchestration platform, combining extensive connectivity with flexible user interfaces. With a full suite of services available, Phos brings new connectivity options quickly, easily and securely to its partners.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
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DEKRA Automobil GmbH, acquired Onward Security Corporation

synopsis: DEKRA, a global leader in safety, security, and sustainability, has acquired Onward Security, a provider of cybersecurity solutions in Taiwan. Onward Security serves clients in the IoT device manufacturing, automotive, industrial, and medical industries. They offer products and services for security assessment, IoT vulnerability testing, and more.
announced 3/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

WildBrain Ltd., will acquire House of Cool Inc.

synopsis: WildBrain, the world's leading independent kids' content company, will acquire House of Cool, a Canadian company that specializes in early-stage animation pre-production. House of Cool partners with entertainment companies to produce feature films and television series. The company has worked on titles such as Ferdinand, Next Gen, Kipo, and more.
closed 3/29/2023 via Company Press Release

Izertis S.L., acquired Autentia S.L.

synopsis: Izertis, the technology firm listed on BME Growth, has completed its largest acquisition to date with the purchase of Autentia, a Madrid-based company specialising in strategic technology services and software development. The transaction will bring 120 people into Izertis, spread across teams oriented to building high-quality software.
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Prometheus Group, acquired Atonix Digital

synopsis: Prometheus Group has acquired Atonix Digital, a provider of data analytics software. Its AtonixOI solution is a cloud-based AI/Machine Learning and data analytics platform with built-in collaborative workflow to facilitate issue resolution. Prometheus Group will enhance AtonixOI by integrating it into their operations and maintenance platform.
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Voxy, acquired Fluentify

synopsis: Voxy has acquired UK-based Fluentify, a major player in the long-distance language learning sector. This acquisition will combine Voxy’s English language training offering with Fluentify’s multi-language curriculum to support companies globally, as a way to upskill their employees with a personalized and comprehensive language training solution.
closed 3/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

Telegraph Media Group, acquired The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.

synopsis: Telegraph Media Group (TMG), an award-winning, multimedia news publisher in the UK, has acquired The Chelsea Magazine Company (CMC), a specialist independent print and digital publisher in the UK. CMC publishes lifestyle and sporting magazines that are enjoyed by more than 2.5 million readers every month.
closed 3/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

Journey Hospitality, acquired Premier Software

synopsis: Journey Hospitality, a hotel marketing and technology specialist in the UK, has acquired Premier Software, a spa and well-being management software company in the UK. Premier Software delivers intuitive business management software systems that help to improve the client journey and support business growth.
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eProductivity Software, acquired Tharstern Limited

synopsis: eProductivity Software (ePS), a global provider of packaging and print software solutions, has acquired Tharstern Group, a global provider of management information systems for the print and packaging industries. Tharstern provides comprehensive solutions that enable businesses to automate tasks, speed up estimating and digitize business processes.
closed 3/29/2023 via Company Press Release

Entrepreneur Invest SA, Extens, Flexstone Partners, acquired Val Solutions SAS

synopsis: Extens, a growth investor in digital health, has acquired a majority stake in Val Solutions, a pioneer software publisher in occupational health and prevention with its SaaS platform uEgar®. Extens has teamed up with Entrepreneur Invest, a specialist in private equity support, and Flexstone Partners, who are co-investing alongside it.
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SAI MedPartners, acquired PharmaForce International

synopsis: SAI MedPartners, a provider of strategic insights and analytics to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, has acquired PharmaForce International, a market intelligence firm that focuses on analyzing the sales, marketing, market access, and medical affairs activities of leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
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Volar Security merged with Unified Solutions,

synopsis: Volar Security, a veteran-owned business and industry leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions, has merged with Unified Solutions, a full-service IT firm specializing in IT service management and hardware and software sales. Volar Security assists public and private businesses with IT security and compliance.
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Sweed merged with Leaf Trade Inc.,

synopsis: Sweed, the cannabis industry’s leading all-in-one retail operating platform, has merged with Leaf Trade. Sweed is built on a proprietary data engine that allows cannabis operators to transform their cross-channel eCommerce, marketing, and loyalty programs into truly data-driven solutions increasing efficiency and monetization.
closed 3/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Glue, Inc., acquired PopStage

synopsis: Glue, a leading employee engagement company formerly known as Mystery, has acquired PopStage, a HR software company focused on creating virtual experiences.
closed 3/28/2023 via BusinessWire

DoseSpot, purchased TreatRx from Bravado Health

synopsis: DoseSpot, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables clinicians to electronically write and transmit prescriptions to pharmacies, has acquired the TreatRx segment of Bravado Health. TreatRx has the award-winning e-prescribing platform, Treat 4.
closed 3/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Music Audience Exchange, acquired My Artist Pages, LLC

synopsis: Music Audience Exchange (MAX), the music technology company powering artist x brand sponsorships, announced that MAX has acquired My Artist Pages, LLC, known as, the self-service micro-website that was created to empower musicians and creators by offering an easier, more attractive way to utilize the link within their social media bios.
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Semantix, acquired ATSaúde

synopsis: Semantix Inc., a leading Latin American end-to-end data and enterprise AI platform provider, announced the acquisition of ATSaúde’s assets, businesses, and operations. ATSaúde is a Brazilian health data company that offers a curated and organized dashboard to the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil.
closed 3/28/2023 via BusinessWire

OptionMetrics, LLC, acquired Woodseer

synopsis: OptionMetrics has acquired UK-based Woodseer Global, a provider of dividend forecast data for equities, American depositary receipts (ADRs) and ETFs. The acquisition expands OptionMetrics’ research data offerings and global footprint by adding offices in London and Vancouver.
closed 3/27/2023 via BusinessWire

Cyara, acquired Spearline

synopsis: Cyara, the creator and leader of the Customer Experience (CX) Assurance category, has acquired industry-leading global communication testing company Spearline, headquartered in Ireland. Spearline offers a full range of market leading testing solutions that enable the monitoring of voice and video.
closed 3/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Oui Care, acquired Les Petits Bilingues

synopsis: The Oui Care Group, the French leader in home services, has acquired Les Petits Bilingues, an English language learning school in France. Les Petits Bilingues operates 50 learning centers throughout France. Their centers provide a fun and interactive learning environment to help children naturally learn English.
closed 3/24/2023 via BNC Analysis

Valsoft Corp, acquired TigerTMS Ltd.

synopsis: Valsoft, a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of software companies in vertical markets, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TigerTMS, a leading developer of applications and middleware solutions for the global Hospitality market.
buyer: Valsoft Corp
Valsoft Corporation, a Montreal-based company, specializes in acquiring and developing vertical market software companies through which each business can deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industry or niche. "
target parent: Searchlight Capital Partners
target: TigerTMS Ltd.
TigerTMS is a leading developer of applications and middleware solutions for the global Hospitality market.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 3/24/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Xalles, will acquire Loyalty Superstore, Inc.

synopsis: Xalles Holdings Inc., a fintech holding company, will acquire Loyalty Superstore, a leading provider of loyalty solutions. Loyalty Superstore helps businesses to improve their customer acquisition and retention. Their web-based shopping platform and white label technology enables brands to promote their offers and reach millions of consumers.
announced 3/24/2023 via BNC Analysis, will acquire zenloop

synopsis: will acquire Berlin-based zenloop, the leading CX (customer experience) Action Management solution in DACH. zenloop automatically collects customer feedback via various channels along the entire customer journey, analyzes and clusters it, and derives personalized measures as a result in order to retain satisfied customers.
announced 3/24/2023 via BNC Analysis

Branding Engineer, will acquire Jin Earth Co., Ltd.

synopsis: Branding Engineer, a Japanese engineering recruitment firm, will acquire Jin-Earth, a Japanese provider of system engineering services. Jin Earth helps businesses to develop high quality solutions that will grow their business. They offer services for system development, IT infrastructure construction, and offshore development.
closed 3/23/2023 via Company Press Release

Ballards LLP, acquired CreativeFolks

synopsis: Ballards LLP, an award-winning firm of chartered accountants, has acquired CreativeFolks, which creates innovative solutions to elevate brands and position them for growth. Their approach is an all-in-one solution that drives sustainable results seamlessly across web, print, and digital environments.
closed 3/23/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Torc, LLC, acquired Codealike

synopsis: Torc, the nearshore intelligent talent network connecting quality remote developers with jobs, announced the acquisition of coding performance measurement application Codealike to empower software developers with even more data that increases skills, job opportunities and enterprise value.
closed 3/23/2023 via

Mangopay, acquired WhenThen

synopsis: Mangopay, a European payment technology provider for marketplaces and platforms, has acquired WhenThen, a payments technology company in Ireland. WhenThen offers a no-code platform that enables businesses to build powerful payment experiences and automation in minutes through simple integration and orchestration of FinTech APIs.
closed 3/23/2023 via PR Newswire

Bamboo Rose, acquired Backbone PLM

synopsis: Bamboo Rose, the leading collaborative product development, sourcing & supply chain platform for retailers and consumer brands, has acquired Backbone PLM of Boulder, Colorado. Backbone provides a designer-centric product development platform that empowers retailers and brands of all sizes to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.
closed 3/23/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Splashtop Inc., acquired Foxpass, Inc.

synopsis: Splashtop, a leader in remote IT solutions that simplify and secure the work-anywhere world, announced it has acquired Foxpass, a provider of cloud-based, identity-centric network and server access solutions for IT and DevOps systems.
closed 3/23/2023 via PR Newswire

Ingenio, LLC, acquired Kasamba

synopsis: LivePerson announced that it has sold Kasamba to Ingenio, LLC, a portfolio company of Alpine Investors and owner of over 30 global marketplace and media platforms focused on lifestyle, spiritual, and emotional wellness.
closed 3/23/2023 via GlobeNewswire

QuadraNet, Inc., purchased Commercial Managed Services And Private Cloud Division from Contegix

synopsis: QuadraNet, a leader in hybrid IT, announces that it has acquired the commercial BlackMesh platform, a Content Management System (CMS) hosting solution, from Contegix. QuadraNet also acquires Contegix’s private cloud services and commercial CMS hosting customer base as part of the agreement.
closed 3/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

EuroJobsites Ltd., acquired Space-Careers

synopsis: EuroJobsites Ltd. is pleased to announce the acquisition of to add the leading space-industry niche jobsite to its portfolio of adjacent recruitment solutions in science, technology, and engineering. Being in an ultra-targeted niche, adds extensive value to EuroJobsites.
announced 3/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

Lifco, will acquire Datamed GmbH

synopsis: Lifco has signed an agreement to acquire all the shares in the German company Datamed GmbH. The company develops, sells and supports D1denis, a software program used by German dental clinics.
announced 3/22/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Businessplug, will acquire SUBX PTE. LTD.

synopsis: Businessplug, a blockchain consultancy firm, has agreed to acquire SUBX, a Singapore-based startup that allows businesses to build blockchain applications without code. This move will enable BusinessPlug to expand its services and provide a full suite of solutions to its clients. 
closed 3/22/2023 via Market Watch

Serrow Ltd., acquired Serrow Ltd.

synopsis: Mike Limones, a lead developer at Serrow LTD, has acquired the company. Serrow is a leading full-service design and development company in the UK. Serrow helps their clients to create better digital products that will grow their business. They offer services for web design, webflow, UX, and mobile app development.
closed 3/22/2023 via BusinessWire

Higher Logic, acquired eConverse Media

synopsis: Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human focused engagement platform, announced its acquisition of eConverse Media, which specializes in the strategy, design, launch and management of association websites and communities.
closed 3/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

Jeffrey Scott Agency, Inc., acquired Town Kryer LLC

synopsis: Jeffrey Scott Agency (JSA) has acquired Berkeley-based marketing agency Town Kryer. The merger aims to both expand brand management and public relations services for JSA clients as well as broadening Town Kryer’s reach, generating more creative capabilities for its clientele.
announced 3/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Nagarro, Inc., will acquire MBIS Technology Consulting

synopsis: Nagarro, a global leader in digital engineering, announced that it was planning to acquire MBIS, an SAP Gold Partner in Turkey. Founded in 2000, MBIS focuses on providing digital solutions and services to ensure its customers get the best possible return on software and technology investments, especially for SAP.
closed 3/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Blacknight Solutions, acquired MyHost

synopsis: Blacknight, Ireland’s largest webhost and domain registrar, has acquired MyHost Internet Services Ltd in its mission to expand its footprint in the Irish hosting market. MyHost is one of Irelands leading web hosting providers, offering email hosting, spam filtering, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and more.
closed 3/22/2023 via PR Newswire

Parchment LLC, acquired Quottly

synopsis: Parchment, the industry leader in academic credentials management, has acquired Quottly, the leading technology solution for course and program sharing, transfer articulation, and dual enrollment. Parchment's acquisition of Quottly will accelerate the exchange of credits and courses to smooth student pathways.
closed 3/17/2023 via BNC Analysis

Textkernel BV, acquired Joboti B.V.

synopsis: Textkernel, a Dutch-based AI solutions provider for the recruitment industry announced its acquisition of Joboti, a candidate engagement technology provider also based in the Netherlands. Joboti is a specialised automated candidate engagement technology provider that offers personalised job recommendations, guidance, and feedback to job seekers.
buyer parent: Main Capital Partners BV
buyer: Textkernel BV
Textkernel is the international leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Semantic Technology for matching people and jobs. Textkernel enables thousands of recruitment and staffing agencies, employers, job boards to work smarter and more effectively. "
target: Joboti B.V.
Joboti is a specialised automated candidate engagement technology provider that offers personalised job recommendations, guidance, and feedback to job seekers. The company offers multi-channel communication solutions (such as Whatsapp and SMS) and candidate engagement workflow automation.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 3/17/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Vendasta, acquired Broadly

synopsis: Canada-based Vendasta has acquired Broadly Inc., a private company that offers an industry leading customer engagement platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Broadly helps SMBs forge more meaningful relationships with customers by helping them capture leads, streamline their communications by email and text, and more.
announced 3/17/2023 via GlobeNewswire, Inc, will acquire Five Degrees

synopsis:, a leading pan-European provider of vertical market software and vertical market platforms to clients in public and private sector markets, has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of Five Degrees Holding B.V. (five°degrees), a cloud-native core banking technology provider that supports real banks to meet today's standards.
closed 3/17/2023 via BNC Analysis

Acko, acquired Parentlane

synopsis: Acko, an insurance technology platform in India, has acquired Parentlane, an AI powered digital health platform in India. Parentlane provides a companion app that empowers new millennial women with the information and tools they need for a healthy pregnancy. The app features solutions for pregnancy tracking, nutrition, health logs, and more.
closed 3/17/2023 via BNC Analysis

Brightwater, acquired Raretec Recruitment

synopsis: Brightwater Group, a recruitment group in Ireland, has acquired Raretec Recruitment, a provider of actuarial recruitment services in Ireland. Raretec Recruitment specialises in the recruiting and placing of actuaries, risk and data analytics professionals for financial services organisations, consultancy and regulatory bodies across Ireland.
closed 3/16/2023 via BusinessWire

Tempo, acquired LiquidPlanner

synopsis: Tempo Software, a leading provider of portfolio management solutions for product development organizations, announced the acquisition of LiquidPlanner, the only project management platform with a predictive scheduling engine to help teams plan, track, manage, and adapt their projects in real-time.
announced 3/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

ThreatLocker, will acquire HyperQube

synopsis: ThreatLocker is to acquire assets of HyperQube, a “cyber range as a service” offering that enables enterprises to quickly and easily build an exact copy of any IT infrastructure or network to determine how the connected environment responds to changes caused by software updates, new technologies, and unplanned events.
closed 3/16/2023 via BNC Analysis

Employ Recruitment, acquired Drivers Relief!

synopsis: Employ Recruitment, a specialist logistics recruitment firm in the UK, has acquired Drivers Relief!, a recruitment firm in the UK that specializes in driving related jobs. Drivers Relief! helps businesses that need a driver to cover staff sickness or holidays. They offer a wide range of driving work available for full-time and part-time drivers.
closed 3/16/2023 via BNC Analysis

Career Management Partners, acquired Quest Management Consultants Inc

synopsis: CMP, a leading firm in talent development and transition firm, has acquired Quest Management Consultants Inc., a provider of premiere talent acquisition, coaching and outplacement services in the St. Louis area. The acquisition of QuestMC fits into CMP's strategy to expand operations in the Midwest region.
closed 3/16/2023 via BusinessWire

Karat, purchased Technical Assessment Product from Triplebyte

synopsis: Karat, the world’s largest interviewing company, announced the acquisition of Triplebyte’s technical assessment product and team. Triplebyte is a recruiting and technical screening platform for tech companies. They believe the current technical hiring process doesn't do enough to help engineers show their strengths.
closed 3/16/2023 via PR Newswire

Via Transportation, Inc., acquired Citymapper

synopsis: Via, the global leader in TransitTech, announced that it has acquired Citymapper, the UK-based premier journey planning app and transit technology company. The Citymapper acquisition accelerates Via's vision to build the end-to-end digital infrastructure for transit systems.
closed 3/16/2023 via BNC Analysis

Mindplay, acquired LightSail Education

synopsis: MindPlay, a provider of learning experiences to educators and families, announces the acquisition of LightSail Education, a leading K-12 digital literacy platform. LightSail is the adaptive reading platform that helps students and school districts exceed their literacy goals.
closed 3/16/2023 via PR Newswire

BioVaxys, acquired TAETSoftware Corp

synopsis: BioVaxys Technology Corp., a clinical stage immunotherapeutics company in Canada, has acquired TAETSoftware Corp, a clinical studies management company in Canada. TAETSoftware offers a software solution that enables clinical study subjects to record and submit clinical trial Adverse Drug Events (ADE) reports to study sponsors in real time.
closed 3/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Versaterm Public Safety, acquired CI Technologies

synopsis: Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions leader, has acquired CI Technologies, a provider of public safety software. CI Technologies helps public safety agencies to uphold professional standards and integrity. They offer software solutions for professional standards, internal affairs, wellness, and early intervention.
announced 3/15/2023 via PR Newswire

All For One Media Corp., will acquire All Entertainment Media Group, Inc.

synopsis: All For One Media Corp. (AFOM), a tween marketing company that produces content for pop music, will acquire All Entertainment Media Group, Inc. (AEMG), a multimedia company comprised of 3 divisions. AEMG produces and distributes podcasts, organizes festivals and concerts, and produces films and movies through its 3 divisions.
announced 3/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Opportunity Partners, will acquire BrandLoyalty International B.V.

synopsis: Opportunity Partners, an investment company of Dutch entrepreneur Robert van der Wallen, will acquire BrandLoyalty International, a provider of tech-enabled, data-driven consumer loyalty solutions in the Netherlands. BrandLoyalty forges and intensifies connections between retailers, brands, and shoppers through campaign-based loyalty programs.
closed 3/15/2023 via BNC Analysis, acquired Tinybuddy AB

synopsis:, one of Sweden’s fastest growing pet retail companies, has acquired Tinybuddy, an online pet store in Sweden. Tinybuddy offers a wide and unique range of dog and cat accessories and products at competitive prices. Their products include pet food, toys, dog clothes, snacks, cat beds, scratching posts, collars, leashes, and more.
closed 3/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Responsible, acquired Haru Ltd

synopsis: Responsible, a circular fashion platform based in the UK, has acquired Haru, an online marketplace for quality second hand and sustainable apparel in the UK. Haru helps charities and sustainable brands to sell online, in turn helping consumers to shop sustainably. They offer shoes, dresses, jackets, bags, hats, jeans, T-shirts, suits, and more.
closed 3/15/2023 via PR Newswire

Meridian Group merged with WB Marketing,

synopsis: Meridian Group, a full-service integrated marketing and communications firm, has been acquired by Five Hill Capital and merged with WB Marketing. This acquisition joins the forces of two well-established Hampton Roads–based agencies to form the largest and most well-rounded, full-service agency serving clients in Southeast Virginia.
closed 3/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

SAGE Publishing, acquired Epigeum

synopsis: SAGE Publishing, a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets, has acquired Epigeum, a leading provider of online courses for universities and colleges, from Oxford University Press.
closed 3/10/2023 via BNC Analysis

babble cloud limited, acquired TechQuarters Limited

synopsis: Cloud communications provider Babble has seen off competition from 20 other bidders to acquire TechQuarters, a multi-award-winning Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). A leading supplier of Microsoft solutions in the UK, TechQuarters beat 600,000 other companies to be awarded ‘Microsoft Cloud Champions’ two years running.
buyer parent: Graphite Capital
buyer: babble cloud limited
Babble Cloud is a UK provider of cloud-based communications technology. Babble offers solutions for unified communications, contact centres, VOIP and more. Babble brings businesses and communications technology together to help make them become more accessible, responsive, and effective. "
target: TechQuarters Limited
A leading supplier of IT solutions in the UK, TechQuarters is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). TechQuarters beat 600,000 other companies to be awarded ‘Microsoft Cloud Champions’ two years running and was also named Microsoft World Cloud Partner of the Year for SMBs.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 3/10/2023 via BNC Analysis

babble cloud limited, acquired Stonegate IT

synopsis: Cloud communications provide Babble announced it has snapped up Stonegate, a Microsoft-focused MSP based in Bury, Greater Manchester. UK-based Stonegate IT has 24 years experience in the IT business and a proven track record of providing unbeatable quality of service to their clients.
closed 3/10/2023 via BNC Analysis

Quentosity Ltd, acquired Mantis Digital Ltd

synopsis: Quentosity, an award-winning agency in New Zealand, has acquired Mantis Digital, a digital agency in New Zealand focused on creating, maintaining and marketing intelligent website solutions. They specialize in user experience-focused design, development and intelligent analysis for WordPress websites. Their solutions boost businesses bottom lines.
announced 3/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

New Quantum, will acquire Morrison Securities Pty Ltd.

synopsis: New Quantum, a provider of digital wealth management solutions in Australia, will acquire an 80% stake in Morrison Securities from Sequoia Financial Group, a boutique investment house. Morrison Securities is a provider of stockbroking execution solutions in Australia. They provide bespoke solutions for financial advisers and wealth managers.
announced 3/9/2023 via GlobeNewswire

PowerFleet Inc, will acquire Movingdots GmbH

synopsis: Powerfleet, Inc., a global leader of Internet of Things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize the performance of mobile assets and resources to unify business operations, will acquire Movingdots, a leading provider of insurance telematics and sustainable mobility solutions based in Bremen, Germany.
closed 3/9/2023 via PR Newswire

Orion Innovation, acquired Banktech Software Services Limited

synopsis: Orion Innovation has acquired UK-based Banktech Software Services Ltd, a core banking implementation partner for global financial institutions. Banktech will complement Orion's financial services business by bringing additional industry expertise, open banking solutions, and implementation capabilities to the company.
closed 3/9/2023 via PR Newswire

Andela, acquired Qualified

synopsis: Andela, the global network for remote technical talent, has acquired Qualified, the leading technical skills assessment platform to identify, qualify, and certify top engineers. Andela's global talent community will also expand with the addition of more than 3.6M engineering users via Codewars, an online community powered by Qualified.
closed 3/9/2023 via BusinessWire

Trinity Industries, Inc., acquired RSI Logistics, Inc.

synopsis: Trinity Industries, Inc. announced the acquisition of RSI Logistics, a data-centric provider of proprietary software, logistics services, and terminal management solutions to the North American rail industry.
closed 3/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

Atturra, acquired Somerville Group Pty Ltd

synopsis: Atturra, an Australian technology services provider, has acquired Somerville Group, a full service IT partner in Australia. Somerville removes the complexities of IT operations and management so their customers can focus their time on their core business priorities. They offer managed services for cloud, networks, IT security, and more.
closed 3/9/2023 via PR Web

The 20, acquired Integrated Technology Services

synopsis: The 20 MSP, a leading managed service provider with offices nationwide, has acquired Integrated Technology Services (ITS), an industry-leading information tech firm. ITS offers managed IT services and are focused on customers. They also offer cloud solutions and cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) compliance.
closed 3/9/2023 via PE Hub

LDC Limited, acquired Horsefly

synopsis: LDC, the UK's leading mid market private equity house, has acquired a majority stake in Horsefly, an artificial intelligence-based talent analytics platform, from Mercia Asset Management. Based in the UK, Horsefly’s market-leading platform provides its clients with actionable insight to help them shape their workforce.
announced 3/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

Informa plc, will acquire Tarsus Group plc

synopsis: Informa, the world’s largest trade show organizer, will acquire the Tarsus Group from Charterhouse Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Europe. Tarsus Group is a global leader in B2B events and media. The group organizes exhibitions and conferences, and publishes digital and print media for various industries.
closed 3/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

Net@Work, acquired Innovation ERP LLC

synopsis: Net at Work, a full-service technology and business consultancy, announced the acquisition of Innovation ERP a leading Sage X3 and Sage 300 consulting firm. The acquisition expands Net at Work's pool of knowledgeable Sage ERP business technology consultants and gives Innovation ERP clients access to the full range of next-generation technologies.
closed 3/9/2023 via BusinessWire

Haymarket Medical Network, acquired American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

synopsis: Haymarket Media, Inc. has acquired the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine (AJEM), a peer-reviewed journal focused on cannabinoid medicine. AJEM joins the Haymarket Medical Network, which reaches healthcare practitioners through a multichannel environment with more than 20 unique brands offered across multiple formats.
closed 3/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

D Squared Capital, Moneta VC, Ventura Capital, acquired Railsr

synopsis: Railsr, the London, U.K. embedded finance startup formerly known as Railsbank, has been acquired by a shareholder consortium. The consortium, which trades under the name Embedded Finance Ltd, includes previous Railsr’s investors D Squared Capital, Moneta VC and Ventura Capital.
closed 3/8/2023 via PR Newswire

ActiveFence, acquired Rewire Online

synopsis: ActiveFence, whose mission is to protect online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and harmful content, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Rewire, a London-based startup that's building AI for online safety. It protects online communities by finding, monitoring, and actioning harmful and dangerous content at scale.
announced 3/8/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., will acquire All Your Meals

synopsis: Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., a publicly-traded holding and acquisition company, will acquire All Your Meals, a meal-subscription platform. All Your Meals provides people with healthy, ready to eat meals, without sacrificing taste. They deliver chef-prepared meals that are easy to heat up and eat to their clients every week.
closed 3/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

C-Resiliens AB, acquired Tutus Data AB

synopsis: C-Resiliens announced the completion of the acquisition of Tutus Data AB from its founders. In connection with the acquisition of Tutus, Formica Capital and Nicklas Storåkers became large shareholders of C-Resiliens. Tutus is a developer of network encryption solutions for use in military, government and corporate IT applications, based in Sweden.
closed 3/8/2023 via PR Newswire

zvoove, acquired ProSolution GmbH

synopsis: Germany-based zvoove Group, a market-leading provider of software for temporary staffing and cleaning services in Europe, has acquired ProSolution, Austria's leading SaaS ERP solution provider in the temporary staffing sector. ProSolution develops and supports web-based as well as mobile software products with a focus on human resource management.
closed 3/8/2023 via PR Newswire

Trading Technologies International, Inc., acquired AxeTrading

synopsis: Trading Technologies, a global capital markets technology platform provider, has acquired London-based AxeTrading, an award-winning and leading global provider of fixed income trading solutions. Their AxeTrader software provides fixed income traders with market aggregation and trading workflows in a single desktop.

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